English Presentation Tourism Italy Essay

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English Presentation Tourism Italy

Good morning to Madam Teh and fellow classmates. Today, we would like to promote an affordable rate tourism package to Italy. We have made a research on The Most Popular Countries among Malaysians and we had Italy as the rank number one. So, that is why we decided to fulfill the people’s hunger to visit Italy and offer a low rate for the tourism package. The reason for people to pick Italy as their favorite country is mostly because of the sceneries. Italy, as we know has the most beautiful historic sceneries such as the churches, museums, historic sites and operas. If you think that Paris and Italy are almost the same, well, you are wrong about that one. Italy still has its historic auras better than Paris which has modern up a little bit.

Back to the main point, the package included accommodations, transports, and food. So, you don’t have to worry. We will go from places to places by our tourism bus, sleeps in a very comfortable hotel and eat lots and lots of delicious food in Italy. You will fly with Air Asia on a 12 hours 31 minutes trip and land on the Fiumicino Airport in Fiumicino which is just 35 km away from Rome. Then, we will check in to your hotel, The Potrait Suites Hotel in Rome so you can rest and unpack your belongings in your rooms. After lunch at the hotel, we will bring you to some places in Rome. The first stop is The Church of San Luigi dei Francesi. It is one of the most visited churches in Rome.

The uniqueness about this church is the interior and exterior designs and the tombs of the well-known French people in Italy. Then, we will go to the Coliseum. Everybody knows The Coliseum, right? It portrays the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering. It is also known to be as the place for gladiators contest. We will be having dinner at the neighborhood of Trastevere. The neighborhood is known for its restaurants. Furthermore, the view of Trastevere at night is very pleasant.

Other than that, we are also going to take you to Venice. Venice is the second attraction in Italy which is full of palaces and churches. We have the Palazzo and Musica A Palazzo. Palazzo or more specifically known as Palazzo Venezia is a very beautiful place for you to capture some photographs for memories. The palace is magnificently eye catching. After that, we stop by the Musica A Palazzo. We will let you experience watching an original Italian soap opera in the one and only historic place, Musica A Palazzo. Then, we head to San Rocco, the historical church known to be the grave of a priest there. At night, we will bring you to the Grand Canal where you can have a water taxi experience. The views from the taxis are very breath taking at night. So, we will spend our nights in the taxis and after that have a walk in the streets near the canal where you can shop for souvenirs.

The third attraction that we would love to offer you is Florence. Florence is known for the monuments, museums and religious buildings. First, we can visit the Bargello Museum which is the Florence government building. Next, we can visit other historical museums such as Museo Galileo, the science museum. Then, we can take some photographs at the Giotto Bell Tower. After that, we can stroll at the parks and street known as Piazza.

The prices that we are offering are very affordable for everyone because the package includes accommodation, transport and breakfast. There are individual, family and group packages. For the individual package, we already set the nett price as low as RM2000. As for the family package which includes 2 adults and 2 children, is only for RM6000 nett price. The group package which has to be more than 8 persons will be at very low price for just RM1000 per person. Affordable, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Get your passports ready and make your reservations now. We will be waiting for you to be a part of this amazing journey. Thank you.

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