English poets Essay Topics

Great poets

Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the father of Englsih poetry and is recognized as one of the world’s great poets. His life, work and writing reveal him as one of the most influential writes in Middle Age history. His poems and stories have flourished throughout history and are still recognized today. “Chaucer’s language is barely… View Article

The idea and attitudes of the poets

All three poems are about outsiders and issues that they find important. Issues that most of us would take for granted if we were not actually in that particular group. The first poem ‘half-caste’ by John Agard addresses the issue of being half-caste. The poet ridicules the use of the term half-caste. The poet does… View Article

Both poets

Both poets are writing about an experience of the same thing, a birth. Hughes’ however, is a bad birth and Clarke’s is a good birth. Although they are relating the same subject, the two poems are very different, not only in the style of writing but in the story and atmosphere. The themes in both… View Article

The best essay ever

This type of approach distances itself from the play and goes instead into the playwright’s biography to find people, places and things that seem to be similar to features in the play. And then it claims that the play is actually a picture of these people, places and things. In its extreme form this is… View Article