English people Essay Topics

Disraelis second ministry improve the condition of the people?

Disraeli’s second ministry needed to focus on areas that Gladstone’s previous ministry had failed to address. The working conditions of the people were difficult; relations between employers and workers were fractious, trade unions were not fully recognised legally, and the working population was bitter as a result of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, passed in… View Article

Analysis of “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan: DRAFT

Mother Tongue is about the authors struggles with her linguistic identity, her mothers “fractured” or “broken” variation of english and the relationship with her mother. At the beginning of the piece we are told about the different types of english she would speak with her mother and with everyone else; we are then told how… View Article

Celta assignment 1 focus on the learner

Part 1: Background a) There was a reasonably wide range of ability in this intermediate level group, although the majority of students were able to form coherent sentences. Some students were more confident in answering questions aloud, while some needed to use their dictionaries regularly during lessons, and were less assured with speaking in front… View Article