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What is love? How can we do to catch our own true love? I found the answer after reading the book, Emma. Emma, which talked about Emma Woodhouse, who is a beautiful, clever but with little spoiled girl. She is rich and she loves arrange marriage between her friends and neighbours in a village called Highbury. Unfortunately, she makes a lot of mistakes and causes many problems on her and her friends. Luckily, everyone, include Emma can find the one they really love at the end of the story.

I think this story is fantastic.

Firstly, it happened in the 19th century, which is a classic and romantic age, this book show the living style and culture of early Britain. For example, what they will do when they are in a ball? It really makes me understand more about English culture. Secondly, the main character is great. Emma was really a nice person, she loved to help friend and care about friend so much.

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The way that she arranged marriage was interesting, this makes me more fascinate in it. However, as she always made mistakes, I was very afraid that she could not marry to Mr. Knightley at the end, I was happy that when I saw they had a happy ending finally.

Thirdly, the storyline is very clear. The character is very attractive. I think it can exactly attract me to read. Jane Austen describes the character in a very successful way. It makes me very enjoyable. However, I think the plots are too plain, and the climate is not obvious, I think the author can highlight one or two events and make the story become more attractive.

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For example, the scene that Mr. Knightley kissed Emma can be more romantic and express their innermost feeling when before and after kissing. Also, If I were the author, I might change the ending of the story.

I might change the pairs such as Emma could not marry to Mr. Knightley and he was marry with Emma’s best friend, Harriet, due to Emma arrangement. I think this can make the story become more interesting. The message from this book is talked about love. Everyone wishes that we can find our true love, however, not everyone have courage to fight with their own love. Besides, love cannot measure by money. In the book, Emma always thought that only rich man can give future to her. Moreover, love is about care and feeling. I really want to recommend this book to my all friends because it really a fantastic story.

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