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English Literature

The Shri Ram School English Literature Project 2013-2014 Class X You are required to do two separate assignments: A. On, ‘As You Like It’ B. On, either poetry or short stories You have to choose one question/theme from each genre Both assignments have to be completed in a total of 1500 words. You are free to divide the words between both assignments as you choose. Please remember that this project will be assessed for the ICSE Board examination and will constitute a part of the marks awarded for internal assessment.

Also keep in mind that marks will be awarded for good, appropriate expression, vocabulary, content and presentation. DEADLINES The Rough Draft (Only for Drama) has to be submitted on Monday, 29th April, 2013 The Final Project (both drama and prose) has to be submitted on 2nd July Both assignments have to be done in the same folder. Genre Title Contents of your project • A Historical background of the play. • Shakespeare’s background, as relevant to the play • Analysis of the statement: “ The mind is its own place and in itself can.

Assignment 1 Drama As You Like It By William Shakespeare 1 make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven…” (John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book II) With reference to the above quote, discuss its aptness with reference to the Pastoral Theme in, ‘As You Like It’ Assignment Poetry 2 OR To India – My Compare and contrast Native Land the ideas presented in the (HLV Derozio) AND two poems OR Where The Mind Is Without Fear (Rabindranath Tagore) Discuss how these stories reflect the Indian Society.

OR Give your opinion on the issues raised by these two Girls/ The Postmaster stories. Prose (Short Story) 2 PROJECT GUIDELINES: CLASS X ENGLISH LITERATURE GENERAL FORMAT It must be written on A4 size paper Your full name and class must be written CLEARLY on the cover Make the cover attractive Index/ Table of Contents Each item must begin on a fresh page Put a Bibliography at the end Overall presentation: layout/ neatness grammar, spellings, illustrations ?

Final projects MUST be hand written LEGIBLY SHORT STORY/ Poetry Background of the author Relevant historical/ social background of the story Brief summary Character sketches Theme Play Relevant background of the playwright Relevant historical/ social background of the play Explore the relevance of the given statement ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? CHECK LIST (Before Submission) Does your project have an interesting cover – page? Does your project have a table of contents? Are the titles and subtitles highlighted?

Have you divided your ideas into well-defined paragraphs? Does your project have a Bibliography? Have you scanned your work for punctuation mistakes? Is your handwriting consistently legible? Is your project held together securely? Have you adhered to the prescribed word limit? Is your overall presentation a neat and impressive one? Important Please keep in mind that ‘lifting’ or plagiarism will be severely penalised. Any sources used for reference and all quotes must be acknowledged. 4

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