English Language Proficiency

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English Language Proficiency

“English is the craziest language.” This tagline was made famous by the American author, speaker and teacher – Mr. Richard Lederer. His column, “Looking at Language”, is syndicated in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. He has written more than 30 books, including Anguished English, Get Thee to a Punnery, Crazy English, A Man of My Words, The Word Circus, The Miracle of Language, The Cunning Linguist, Word Wizard, and Presidential Trivia. Known as a “verbivore”, a word he coined in the early 1980s, Lederer’s interests include uncovering word origins, pointing out common grammatical errors and fallacies, and exploring palindromes, anagrams, and other forms of recreational wordplay. We all know that English is the universal language and by means of this, we can easily communicate with other nationalities all over the world.

Filipinos are known to be good English speakers and to start our training at an early age, schools all over the Philippines managed to have the English Policy. It wouldn’t be only a benefit for the students but for their teachers as well. Based on the past issues of ECHO, QCA already underwent a system in which the faculty club had been given a chance to go for an English training. Even the students actively participated in the said policy that they should speak English or else they will pay their penalty. It’s not about prohibiting us to use our native language but it helps us to become more confident in communicating with people. As an opening for the year 2013, ECHO wanted to know the voice of the students today regarding this matter.

Would they still like the English Policy back to nurture their capabilities in this language? Let’s hear some of their opinions. “Indeed! As a student, I want to help my classmates and schoolmates to develop more about English grammar and communication. In this way we can improve our English skills,” Brian Caacbay of I – Agap A stated. John Karl de Jesus from IV – Abad Santos B said, “Yes, I still want the English Policy back in QCA because it helps students to develop their competence in the use of the certain language and to encourage positive attitudes towards learning it.” “For me it’s a yes, because it can help us to improve our grammar. It can also help us to speak more fluently in English,” Reign Mariano of I – Agap A remarked. Most of the students answered positively and this brings a great opportunity to all of the QCAians. English may be a crazy language but it’s not that hard to learn as long as we are eager to do it for own good sake.


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