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The Effect of Social Media on the English Language

Another research called Social networking: teachers blame Facebook and Twitter for pupils' poor grades written by Andy Bloxham in 2010, it talked about how teachers blame Facebook and Twitter for kids’s poor grades, he said kids spend too much time online which makes it harder for them to concentrate in class, they become more distracted and have shorter attention spans as researchers found. T...

English Language Learner

But all of that will pay off when you are able expressing yourself in an exciting way. You have to know what is your first step will going to be, then just keep going and expand all experience that you have become perfectly. Also, the English teacher should purposefully select words and sentence structures that will help students learn rather than hinder their success in class or practice for the...

Focus on the Learner

Aim: To give students practice using the correct form of the present simple 3rd person singular in the context of organizing a summer camp. Rationale: Students are already familiar with the rule for forming the present tense for the 3rd person singular. However, especially during speaking tasks, they omit the “-s” at the end of the verb and use the bare infinitive form. The activity I have cho...

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Txtspk: Effect on the English Language Skill of Students in Slc

No Effect. A third view is that there is no effect has text messaging on English Grammar. As may be considered as another language, learning a new language such as text messaging does not affect a student’s ability in grammar. It is just a matter of learning the basics – to know the difference between slang, texting lingo and correct English (http://www.ehow.com/list_5828172_effects-text-messa...

George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" Rhetorical Précis

Although Orwell specifically states that “correct grammar and syntax… are of no importance”, one can see that he has gone to great lengths to achieve an engaging effect through syntax. The back-and-forth action of the body paragraphs and his self-contradiction alludes to a rule he introduces later in the writing: “Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous” (Orw...

Syllabus for English Language Proficiency

1. Distinguish the roles of stakeholders (students, teachers, employers, parents and community) in the delivery of the curriculum. 2. Organize the learning environment that promotes fairness regardless of culture, family background and gender responsive to learners’ needs and difficulties. 3. Utilized process data and results in reporting and interpreting learners’ performance to improve teach...

Full Mc Script

Let’s clap our hands once again for the fascinating performance. Sadly enough, we have now come to the end of our ceremony, but before we end, it is our hope that all students and teachers will participate actively in all the organized activities. Please refer to the class notice boards and respective teachers for further enquiries. Certificates and attractive prizes await all the lucky winners....

Writer and Linguist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Despite all the fuss over The Lord of the Rings, between 1925 and his death Tolkien did write and publish a number of other articles, including a range of scholarly essays, many reprinted in The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays (see above); one Middle-earth related work, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil; editions and translations of Middle English works such as the Ancrene Wisse, Sir Gawain...

Taboo Words

There are few natives that teach in Asia,for example in Thailand. Most teachers are Thai people they have few knowledge about taboo words in the English language because they never learn it and they never use it in daily life. If students are interested in this topic, Thai teachers cannot explain to them. If students want to study with natives, they have to pay extra money just for few hours of te...

The Term Hyponymy in English Language

For example, most people know that "alligator" and "crocodile" are words denoting similar reptiles, but many people are not sure how to tell the animals apart. Exploring the sense relationship that binds the words together (as cohyponyms of the hypernym "reptile") and examining the modifying details that differentiate them, people can add these two clarified words to their permanent vocabulary....

Chicago Dialect of English Language

The stereotype about Chicagoans is that they say "dis" instead of "this," but that's not entirely accurate. The real pronunciation is somewhere in between. To approximate it, first pronounce /th/ the standard way, with the tip of your tongue between your teeth. Then, keeping your teeth apart, move the tip of your tongue to the back of your teeth. That's the typical Chicago /th/. Contrast it with /...

Amy Tan On English Language in Mother’s Tongue

She divides this essay into three sections to show the different styles or forms of English then how she feels a little embarrassed by her mother’s broken English then shows how people judge her and title her as ignorant or limited. In actually Amy’s mother is intelligent. She then goes into how her mother and any other limited English speaker is treated differently due to that. If there were ...

Impact of Jejemon Phenomenon on English Language

In this research, as the researchers, we therefore recommend that before we use to do shortcut text messaging, we should know our limitations in using it. It is better to consult first the guidance of the old ones, the persons expert of using cell phones and the persons who are involve in all technology so that it will be easy for us to know information’s about it in order to avoid it’s disadv...

Archaisms and Historisms

1. Атрушина Г. Б., Афанасьева О. В., Морозова Н. Н. Лексикология английского языка: Учеб. пособие для студентов. Дрофа, 1999 2. Гинзбург, С. С. Хидекель, Г. Ю. Князева и А. А. Санкин. Лексикология английского языка: Учебник для ин-то...

Effects of slang language in the english language

Qualitative research was conducted in order to find the information that was needed to compile this research assignment. The main aim of this research was to unravel what the effects of ‘slang’ is on the English language. With thorough analysis, interpretation and analysis, it has been found that many students and respondents would prefer to have ‘slang’ language incorporated into the Engl...

Politics and the English Language Answers

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” (59) Orwell’s quote about thoughts and language corrupting each other brings us back to the thesis of his essay: “it becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” Through these two quotes, Orwell expresses that the d...

The importance of knowing english language

The next reason is internet. Almost all the information sharing on the internet is in English so you must know English to understand what it is all about and also to communicate other people through internet. Last but not least, the higher education lesson in overseas also use English. The lecturer also explains his lesson with English. So, when you want to study higher education, knowing English...

Sociolinguistics & English language

There is our less formal out-in-the-world language--a more comfortable suit, but still respectable. There is language for close friends in the evenings, on weekends--blue-jeans-and-sweat-shirt language, when it’s good to get the tie off. There is family language, even more relaxed, full of grammatical short cuts, family slang, echoes of old jokes that have become intimate shorthand--the language...

English Language Learners Placement Assessment

In conclusion, after interviewing the ELL coordinator and learning more about ELL placement and the instruction being provide to the students. The exiting and monitoring format that the district implements is a accurate and excellent procedures. The key element that stands out is that just because the student has made growth in the English-Language the school continues to monitor students in all a...

The Problems Faced By Students In Malaysia

Later they would decide on response in their native language, to adapt that in response to the English language, think about the reaction to ensure that it makes sense, and eventually respond. It frequently takes years of exposure to English before students can intercept translation step and actually "think in English”. As Clyne (1992b) said that national identity is seen through national variet...

Multilingualism or Not?

As the topic of multilingualism holds great significance to me, I found it imperative to explore the writings of both Franklin Raff and Warren Blumenfeld. Both articles related interesting and contrasting ideas on the topic. As seen with my agreements and disagreements it is best to only consider the ideas rather than accepting any one as the truth. In my opinion, the importance of communication c...

Identity Theme in Amy Tan's Book Mother Tongue

This was very much the case for Tan’s mother, towards the beginning of the piece Tan makes it clear to the audience that while her mother’s English may be “limited” this in no way reflects how much English she comprehends. Tan also discusses how, when she was growing up, her mother’s “limited” English limited Tan’s perception of her, “...because she expressed them imperfectly her...

Mother Tongue of Writer Amy Tan

She started writing fiction in her impeccable English in 1985. Yet, she changed her mind and decided to write a book about mothers using the language that she has been growing up with, her broken mother tongue, in which she captured the language she and her mother used to talk to each other, the English language that is a verbatim translation from Chinese, the essence and the color of her mother'...

Politics & The English Language-By George Orwell

7: Orwell's essay is organized quite exquisitely. He starts the essay with a few introductory paragraphs, then he lists 5 passages where what he just states applies, which is very good at proving his point. Then he speaks on four different sections: Dying Metaphors, Operators or Verbal False Limbs, Pretentious Diction, and Meaningless Words. He uses a ridiculous amount of examples throughout his e...

The implications of the P-O-L-C framework

The Goodwill brand is a household name and fortunately still leads efforts in social entrepreneurism, community collaborations and innovation. By staying ahead of the curve, we don’t fall behind. Goodwills are relentless in their desire to understand and meet the needs of the diverse local communities in which they operate. Goodwills challenge themselves to remain relevant and meaningful to the ...

Amy Tan's Mother Tongue

The doctor despised her when she was complaining them about losing her scan result. It was not until Amy Tan talked to the doctor that they apologized and cared to solve the problem. Amy was fill with anger when she wrote “…and apologies for any suffering my mother had gone through for a most regrettable mistake. ” Amy is insisting that people not taking a person seriously because their “b...

Introduction To TESOL

“As with all learning skills, pupils will be more motivated when they are interested in what they are thinking about or see a real purpose for their thinking” (Wilson, J., & Murdoch, K.: 2008). It’s far not all the blocks and not all the ways of overcoming them but I think that student’s blocks and the blocks of a teacher are deeply connected. And if a teacher has strong blocks in teac...

The Narrative “Mother Tongue”

Our identity is shaped around qualities that make us feel accepted in society. Language is a daily tool used differently amongst one another in order to communicate. Our nature of talk characters the way we see, express, and make sense of the world. Language should not be an obstacle between one another’s communication; instead it should be an opportunity to learn about the diverse tongues in th...

The History and Future of the English Language

Knowing that the face of the English language has changed and has a broad geographic background it only stands to reason that there will be a future English which will become complex and linguistically speaking may not even sound likt the English we are used to. Technically we see this shift very slowly happening by the addition of new words and slang complemented with different pronunciations and...

History of English Language

This is applied to strong verb, while in weak verbs, word endings used are –ed(e), -d(e), or –t(e). It was also usual in the Middle English the Object -Verb sequence whereas the Modern English follows the Verb-Object pattern; for example : then fell he down, which is contrast with today’s grammar structure as then he fell down. (Fischer, p. 180-181) The infinitive –to was also usual in Mid...

Proficiency Level Analysis

The teacher still would model the assignment first and provide a guided practice and then walk around each group to see what help is needed. I think creating small groups of three would work better than groups of five because ELL students would gain more knowledge and understanding when they have one or two students helping then instead of three to four persons. This is because students working in...

Importance Of English Language

Our government should improve set-up of educational system. Makes our society social English-speaking. Advantage of this great step is, We can lead other developed countries. We also can influence in world situation. Our government try to reduce the difference between Urdu and English. Medium institutions makes English as a compulsory subject and other subject conduct in English. Urdu also is an i...

George Orwell's Politics and the English Language vs. Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal:

On the other hand, the language of Swift's essay, “A Modest Proposal”, is entirely figurative. The essay is classified as a political satire, incorporated with much sarcasm and irony. His irrational argument, which is to use the babies of poor families in Ireland as food for the wealthy English and Irish people, intensified by exaggeration, is actually a metaphor to attack the policies of the ...

Using SEI Strategies in a SIOP

By using various strategies such as acknowledging students interests, providing additional materials, and requesting students to bring in personal motivators to learning English, such as letters from pen pals or applications for sports sign ups, teachers can help keep students actively engaged and participating in educational instruction. Acquiring a second language can be a challenging task for E...

Celta Focus on the Learner

I will ask her to complete two gap-fill exercises from English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (Attachment 2) to see if she can use the correct forms in a restricted way. As the original mistakes were made whilst speaking, I will then ask her again about her current life to see if she is now able to use the target language correctly in freer practice. If necessary we will repeat the above steps....

FAQ about English Language

How to write a rationale?

...The final question that remains is: ‘How are troubled, young African Americans supposed to change the way they live?’ Unfortunately 2Pac left us with few answers and, even worse, a poor example. He lived his life like the lyrics of ‘Changes’: ...

How the English language influenced African literature

...Evidently as the above evaluation states, African literature will continue to be dominated by the use of the English language. Although this is the reality to date, those Africans should not do so at the expense of abandoning their mother-tongue. ...

How the study of stylistics can help improve one's English Language

...Pdf. Web. Retrieved from : http://www.uio.no/ Fairly, Irene R. (1979). "Experimental Approaches to Language in Literature: Reader Responses to Poems" in Style. Vol. 13 , no . 4 . Hall, Geoff. (2007) Stylistics in Second Language Contexts: A Critical ...

A story of Who Am I

...With the very little experience that I have in life and with acknowledging the fact that I am only a student, who recently completed her 1st year BA English Literature, I can say that this is my story. The above-mentioned reasons have made me what I ...

What Is Linguistic Anthropology

...“As writers we can weigh in on the discussion. Walking in someone else’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes cultivates humanity. Historical and cultural details add emotional intensity and further deepen your characters. Awareness bui ...

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