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English Julius Caesar Act II Notes

In the opening of Act II what does Brutus reveal in his sililoqy?
That Caesar must die not bc he has wronged Brutus but bc it is for the good of the general public.

Why is Brutus up and unable to sleep?
he is trying to decide what to do

What does Brutus compare Caesar too?
he compares him to a serpent’s egg – if he gets to be king he will grow into a snake (evil)He needs to kill him in his shell.

Who is Lucius?
Brutus’ servant –

What does Brutus want from Lucius?
a light

What does Lucius find?
one of the letters that Cassius had Cinna plant in Brutus’ house.

How did the letters that Cassius wrote appeal to Brutus?
They asked for him “speak, strike, redress”

Does Cassius leave some blanks for Brutus to fill in on his own?
yes the letter is vague it says “Shall Rome, etc etera” and Brutus is left to fill in what that means.

What does Brutus fill in to the letter?
Shall Rome “stand under one man’s awe”?

What does Brutus decide after reading the letter?
That he like his ancestors who drove out the Tarquin king will drive Caesar out of Rome.

Is Brutus at peace?
No, he says that since Cassius whet me against Caesar he has not slept

When Lucius tells Brutus Cassius is at the door but he cannot see the others because they are covered, what does Brutus think?
He thinks they should not be so obvious about being conspirators by hiding themselves. They should act normal and smile

Who came with Cassius to Brutus’ house?
Casca, Decius, Cinna, Metellus and Terbonius

What does Brutus think about Cassius’s idea to swear an oath?
Brutus does not like it he says priests, cowards swear. Real Romans just have there word and that is enough. He says that any Roman that does not do what he says he will do is not a true Roman.

Who do Casca, Cinna, Metellus want to add to the conspiracy? why?
Cicero – bc he is old and wise

What does Brutus think about Cicero being involved?
No – he doesn’t want him and knows that he will only do what he starts

Who does Cassius want to kill besides Caesar?
Mark Antony

What does Brutus think about killing Mark Antony?
No he does not want to kill him. Caesar the head Antony the limb so Brutus doesn t fear him.

Cassius is afraid Caesar will not come to the Capitol, who assures Cassius that Caesar will be there?
Decius – he assures them that his flattery of Caesars bravery will ensure that he be there.

What does Portia want from Brutus?
To know why he is vexed and his secrets. Brutus tells her he will tell her at some point later

Scene 2 Calpurnia does not want Caesar to go to the capital – why?
She had dreams of Caesar death – and weird signs – just like Casca saw in Act 1

Does Caesar fear his death?
No – he thinks only cowards do.

Does Caesar finally concede that he will stay home?

Who changes his mind?
Decius –

What does Caesar tell Decius the reason for not coming to the Senate is ?
That Calpurnia dreamed that his statue would fall and spouts of blood come out of it – Romans bathe in it

What does Decius say to change the vision?
So he says that the dream really meant that Caesar would be great to Rome. And if you don’t come they might not crown you.

Who writes a letter to Caesar that warns him of the conspirators by name?

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