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English III

Young Mark Twain 4
1.he wants attention and will do anything.
2. He was born a liar
3. he pretends to be mesmorized
4. Uses Hicks as inspiration and tries to be better than Hicks was

Older Mark Twain3
1. looking back at his younger self and notices that he didnt make the right decisions.
2. He tried to take back his lies and finally tell the truth, but his mom didnt believe him.
3. People believe his lies and dont believe him when he is actually telling the truth

His name is Simmons and he is the guy of entertainment

the one hypnotized before Young Mark Twain; gave young mark twain the idea.

school bully
he is a classmate of young Twain that bullied him earlier in the week; Young twain chases him out of an auditorium at gun point to get revenge and he doesnt get in trouble bc he said he was mesmorized.

Dr. Peake 3
1. most skeptical old guy in town.
2. twain wants to convince him that he is hypnotized.
3. Twain retails stories that he overheard while pretending to be hypnotized. (The story about the fire and the one about the house Peake grew up in that had a cannonball in it.)

Twain’s mother
internal conflict of confessing to mother and she doesnt believe him.

Major events 4 (conflicts/resolution)
1. lies about being hypnotized.
2. becomes a local celebrity
3. years later he tells the truth
4. his mom doesnt believe him

situational irony
a contrast between what is expected to happen and what actually does happen.

dramatic irony
when readers know more about a situation or character than the characters do.

examples of situational irony
1. young mark twain is lying about being hypnotized, but he is the one that gets offended because the old men wont believ him.
2. when young mark twain is fianlly telling the truth, his mom doesnt believe him.

examples of dramatic irony
1. we know that young mark twain is pretending to be hypnotized. the audience and the hypnotist think that he is really hypnotized. People think he is being hypnotized…it creates suspense.
2. we know that young mark twain is telling the stories he overheard, but mr. peake thinks that he is repeating a magic vision that he had.

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