Characters in "Lord of the Flies" Jack and Ralph

Life now is much better after getting rescued, but the memories will always haunt me, if I had trust issues before you should look at me now. I’m just getting settled into a new home since the aftermath of the war left my home destroyed. My house wasn’t the only one destroyed, thousands upon thousands of houses were destroyed. It’s kind of crazy how what once was my neighbourhood is now an open field filled with holes from when they dropped the bombs in the ground and piles with bricks from what were chimneys.

All of this destruction makes me sick to my stomach childhood memories blown into smithereens. I haven’t heard from any of the boys from the island yet, but I have this bad feeling that I will soon.

School, never thought I’d be saying that word again, but it’s time to go back. It’s my first day of second form. What can I say? I’m nervous, I haven’t been to school since I was rescued from the island and all the schools were destroyed because of the attacks on England.

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Walking to school was the second scariest thing that I’ve done in my entire life, I hope I fit it. I see the school in the near distance, my heart skips a beat as I see Jack walk into the school yard. I stop immediately. Anxiety fills my mind; I have to be strong and I have to be brave.

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Maybe jacks changed, changed for the best, I can’t miss the first day. As I walk into the school yard the ear piecing bell goes off, the school starts off with a assemble I just follow the rest of the kids because they seem to know where they are going. The rest of the day goes like any other first day, slow very slow. The bell sounding the end of the felt like it would never come, finally it did a bit of relief I didn’t encounter jack the entire day, but in the back of my mind I knew I was going to have to talk to him whether it was tomorrow or the next day I knew the day would come soon.

Two weeks have gone school is getting easier, I’ve made some good friends, but the thing is I see jack almost every day and I’m certain he has seen me. He doesn’t look the same, he doesn’t have friends now, he also doesn’t have his reliable choir who followed his every move. He went from a leader to a follower so quickly. I’ve been thinking to myself, should I talk to him he looks so lonely, he always looks miserable but then if the Naval officer didn’t show up, he would have killed me, they all would have killed me. But that’s not who I am, I’m a leader I should talk to him he might have changed. We might even get along; I doubt it though.

The moment of truth today is the day that I will finally talk to jack, or at least try to. The ear piecing bell for the start of lunch break went off and all the kids rushed out of class without dismissal, I however was slow because I knew this was the time I wanted to talk to jack. I was last out of class as expected when I looked down the corridor, I saw him, Jack just sitting next to his backpack, so many emotions went through me in a matter of seconds, anger and fear. I started to walk towards him I stood in front of him to some extent, until he looked up and said “Ralph is that you” I just stood their emotionless, Jack says “I’m so sorry Ralph, I didn’t mean to do the things I did I’m just” – he stopped talking for a moment “I’m just so sorry Ralph.” “it’s ok Jack, I understand.” Jack looks up at me with both confusion and happiness, what why, I tried to hurt you. Jack I can that see that you’ve changed, but this time is a good way, but you to promise me something. “Yes Ralph?”  says jack, don’t try and kill me again I say while smiling. “I’ll try” jacks says while smiling back at Ralph.


My connections between my creative and “Lord of the Flies” are that the characters that I used were the two protagonists in lord of the flies, Jack and Ralph. And the ongoing themes between “Lord of the Flies.” And my creative is that Jack and Ralph have finally gotten back into the. Habit of civilisation. Ralph brought back a friendship which was established at the start of “Lord of the Flies”. by talking to jack and realising that the events that happened on the island had really messed up jack, but Ralph had proven that he will restore what is wrong and restart their friendship. My protagonist Ralph has a very strong motivation to forgive Ralph and to become friends with him again, like they were in the start of the novel “lord of the Flies.” Ralph has also transformed as a person he has become more forgiving, but his role as a leader will never stop.

My story is set in a new England, I decided to set it back in England because I wanted Ralph and jack to be Where They originally came from, but their hometown has been destroyed from the nuclear bomb that the pilot talked about in the “Lord of the Flies.” Towards the end of my story, Ralph notices Jack isn’t his outgoing self anymore he is so depressed from his actions from the island, but when Ralph confronts Jack and Ralph forgives Jack a, he is surprised that Ralph will forgive Jack so easily.

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Characters in "Lord of the Flies" Jack and Ralph

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