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English Composition

There are mixed reviews on online studying. During my research for articles on this subject, I found that more people are choosing online education instead of being in the traditional classroom setting. This appears to be a trend that in the eyes of some people will gain ground on classroom learning. Earning a college degree online will benefit mainly people with full time jobs. As Jessica Groach-Santina views it, “This form of education, will allow you to learn on your own schedule, put the skills you need directly into practice on the job and give you the valuable technical knowledge that employers are seeking”.

Steve Lohr wrote in one of his many articles, “online education is providing learning experiences that are more tailored to individual students than is possible in the classroom. ” The Department of Education performed a study last year and found students that did some or all of their courses online ranked higher in test performance than average classroom students. Steve Lohr wrote in his article, Online Education Beats the Classroom that “over the next few years, online education will expand sharply as evidence mounts of its value”.

Philip R. Regier, the Dean of Arizona State University, also feels within the next three to five years the online studies will triple. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, also feels more people will be taking classes online. In one of Steve Lohr’s most recent articles titled “Second Thoughts on Online Education” he back- tracked on some of the earlier statements he made, “A rush to online education may come at more of a cost than educators may suspect.

” After more research concerning online education was conducted by the National Science Foundation and the Education Department, one study showed Hispanics and males did notably worse online. David Figlio, an economist at Northwestern University believes, the reason for the poor grades by these groups, was that males were more than likely waiting until the last minute to do their assignments. They were also putting off viewing lectures and cramming their studies before a test. Another issue could be that English is a second language for some Hispanic men.

I understand there are positives and negatives with almost everything one sets out to accomplish. The key to success is, no matter what you set out to achieve, it will take hard work. This is my first time taking courses online and I know it will be as challenging as sitting in a classroom. However, it’s more convenient than going to a class at a certain time and I also get to work at my own pace, to a certain extent. Work Cited MLA: Groach-Santina Jessica. “The Value Of An Online Degree. ” 10 September 2010.

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