English Colonies North and South Essay

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English Colonies North and South

During the sixteenth-century in the English Colonies, in this time there was a process where the people that owned some of these colonies were going through a time where immigrants were migrating to the new world. Forty-five thousand Puritans left England between 1620 and 1640 and created religious societies in another part of the world also known as the New World. The English people wanted their colonist to learn more about God and his most holy and wise providence, the people wanted to have religious beliefs.

The Chesapeake people were only after gold not willing to help the poor, not for family purpose of any kind just to dig gold. The governor of this Virginia wanted his prosperity to be a diverse economy; free trade; close knit colonial society autonomy from London. Wanting to put in or enact a law “preserve the Established the Church’s unity and purity doctrine. Meaning to punish any minster who preached outside of the teachings and doctrine of that church.

New England colonist was concerned about faith, communalism, and equality, while Chesapeake was ravaged by social inequality, tension between the classes and avarice. New England emphasized religion and the importance of communalism and equality. In 1636 it was written that colonist intend to “walk in all ways of Christ”.

They desired a colony that embraced religion, rather than money because they found a HUGE wealth in God. Chesapeake colonist of Virginia didn’t exhibit the same emphasis of a community life. Virginia was renowned for its social inequality, tension between social classes and greed. Virginia was not established for sole purpose of pursing religious freedom, Virginia was founded for monetary reasons, and In Chesapeake there was no purpose on family only because they were focused on goal.

The English people wanted their colonist to learn more about God and his most holy and wise providence, the people wanted to have religious beliefs as a part of their community. John Winthrop was a wealthy English Puritan lawyer, he was also the governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Winthrop developed the Cambridge Agreement which allowed the immigration of Puritans he wanted to develop a religion based government. He also uses the phrase “city upon a hill “from a bible also “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden “.

To emphasize the colonist as a part of God to create a holy community, he wants them to view their self as Company of Christ bound together by Love and not hate. He made sure that they believed that it was a model state and God would make them a praise and glory. Being of poor person they all had to love each other for them and not to judge.

The social distinctions between the Chesapeake colonies and New England that were established by 1700 are still apparent today. New Englanders are renowned for being more modest and slightly more conservative than Southerners. There are also more government programs to help people up north than in the south, where people are more worried about themselves. These differences are more significant now than they were then. Even though they consists on a country- wide scale than across each state. During this time a law was trying to be made for punching ministers who preached outside the teachings.

Becoming a governor his main priority was to encourage diversification of Virginia agricultural products. In a council on defending Virginia against Dutch in 1673 he referred to his own people as of all kind Servants, Negros and many more that they were not good enough to defend the country. He was putting up his colony in social order and the New England colonist didn’t like that and preached against it. They were to adequate governors striving to achieve the best for their colonies , they both came from very different backgrounds and mind sets that simulates reasons for the different ways on formulation of the New England and Chesapeake colonies.

The difference in family life, religion and the final line was two distinct colonies divided in difference and there way of development. The English people wanted to be about “walking by Christ” and bound by Love. Southern people were only in there for the gold and to get wealthy not caring about the poor or there family they were there for themselves and no one else. The governor in Virginia wanted his colony to fight against Dutch but his Servants, Negros are not good enough to protect there colony, New Englander colonist did not
like to so they preached upon what the governor said.

These colonies all had their own way of beliefs, or ways they wanted their colony to be like. Some wanted to believe in Christ and the other was only for monetary reasons, so it was not a good thing these colonies became well with each other, southern people are all about themselves while English what we now know as northern people care about others way more.

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