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English 0990 Reality tv

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In “The Distorting Mirror of Reality TV” written by Sarah Coleman, says that the producers have a distorting mirror to us as viewers. All producers distort all stereotypes and want the viewers to know what life is really like because of human diversity. Coleman states that the producers choose particular contestants, and the producers are making the chosen contestants are playing particular characters that the producers want them to be Coleman states “For ethnic minorities, old people, the unbeautiful, and the disabled, the message is harsh even in “reality” you don’t exist.

”(pg 207) In addition to reality TV shows having all villains also helps the producers find exotic locations. “In reality TV, every character is a villain. ”(pg 207), Coleman states. Reality TV according to Coleman is viewed as “One man for themselves” and she says this well when she writes “ By eliminating one contestant each week, the show offers us a symbolic form of public execution. ”(pg208)This is distorting because it shows once again human diversity.

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After all its not us that is being eliminated so it does not really matter who gets eliminated because we are still able to see the show and this is what keeps the viewers watching the reality shows, which offers us the symbolic form of public execution. On the contrary is the mirror of reality TV showing us the viewers what real life is about because of what reality TV shows people in society.

The producers of Reality TV shows society that anyone will do anything for money and fame no matter how ugly and nasty they have to be to get it, they are determined to do whatever it takes.

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Coleman says this best when she says “Not are the shows’ producers the only cynics in this game. With winners appearing everywhere from playboy to lip-salve commercials, and sore losers suing producers for alleged results-fixing, it seems everyone is exploiting everyone here. ” (pg208)

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