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Essay on England

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The Treaty of Waitangi

It was also debateable whether Maori viewed land transactions the same way as Europeans. The British government felt a head to protect its investment and prevent conflict which might occur as a result of land transactions. An example of this is when Baron de Thierry claimed he bought the land , Maori thought otherwise ( one of may dubious land deals). Therefore this was the third most important ca...

Robin Hood Case Analysis

Little John is facing difficulty in controlling discipline because of large size of band that he is in-charge of overseeing. * If Robin accepts the Baron's invitation to join their campaign and it fails, Robin could cause himself and his band suffer consequences in the court. But it would be a good political move if Robin shows little support in the efforts that Barons’ are making as to release ...

Suburbanisation in Surbiton

There is also a campaign to get Surbiton to be reclassified in London travel zone 5 which would reduce ticket prices for commuters. A number of secure bicycle racks are being put in at the train station to encourage people to cycle to the station instead of driving. There is also a plan to put in a number of pedestrian crossings in the busiest parts of the town to encourage people to walk rather t...

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Is The Britain Truly Democratic?

Here he argues that this can only be achieved through a classless society with censorship and civil religion. As democracy in modern society is now taken to be equal to freedom its efficiency as a political system is halted by its connotative meaning. This means Rousseau’s method of effective and true democracy would be considered undemocratic in the modern world. Britain may not be truly democr...

The Two Party System in British Politics Today

Although the electoral system in Britain hasn't changed in years, it seems that there are more disadvantages than advantages in it. It is treating parties unequally, and this is unacceptable for a 21st Century Society. I think it is important to change this system, and then we will have a better chance of expressing our opinions through our elected parties. Politics is about freedom of expression ...

The Metropolitan Police Act

Peel’s principals are currently used by today’s city, state, federal, and worldwide law enforcement agencies to maintain concepts of professionalism and pride in a department and community (Larrabee, 2012). Deterring criminal acts can be accomplished by saturating a community with police presence such as patrol units, foot beat, and in some instances horse mounted police. When police presence ...

The Pilgrimage of Grace

Overall, the Pilgrimage of Grace of 1536 was an important historical event during the reign of King Henry VIII, where there were both participants and opposition for the movement. Participants strove to reinstate the Catholic Church and were concerned about the economic impacts of losing monasteries, while opposition of the pilgrimage had a goal of punishing people associated with the movement and...

Gin Act in England

Altogether, the Gin Act of 1751 was a highly controversial piece of legislation among the English demographic. While authors, artists, religious leaders, and some politicians defended its morality, economists, businessmen, landowners, and other politicians attacked its potential threat to political and economic stability. However, the act was not repealed, since it took into account only those opp...

Blitz Spirit

* In conclusion, although to some extent it could be argued that there wasn’t a Blitz spirit; there are more arguments for the statement. Due to the defiance and endurance of British people, it raised moral and helped people to fight through the 57 consecutive nights of raids. They kept of fighting and going to work. The motto ‘keep calm and carry on’ really defined the Blitz spirit and help...

Perkin Reaction

In this experiment two compounds were successfully synthesized. The products were E and Z phenylcinnamic acids and synthesized using the Perkin reaction. However due to impurities the yield and purity of these two products was high enough. The Yield of this reaction was 60.4% and the melting point for the E product was 164-168 and Z product was 155-160. To confirm the successful synthesis of the p...

Westminster Abbey

It has been the site of political upheaval, and restoration. It has seen the birth of one of the most power nations on Earth, and it’s near collapse. The Westminster Abbey has served as the loc ation for the crowning of kings and queens for over nine hundred years. The British monarchy is the longest surviving society of its time in the modern age – and Westminster Abbey has stood through near...

John Venn

So he proposed a method by which a series of circles divide a plane into many compartments so that each successive circle would intersect all the compartments. This idea was to later develop as a concept of a ‘universal set ‘. At a later stage of his life, Venn became more interested in history and made some important contribution by documenting the history of Cambridge. John Venn will always ...

Dementia in UK

2–3) ? outline a process for the determination of a person’s best interests (Section 4) ? create Lasting Powers of Attorney, which allow a person to appoint a donee to make decisions about his or her health and welfare (Sections 9–14) ? establish the Court of Protection in a new form, with powers to make declarations and appoint deputies in difficult cases or where there are disputes concern...

"Brexit" Tied Economy

Past the fall of the pound sterling, the 'Brexit' may likewise represent a danger to London as a worldwide money related focus. The London School of Economics gauges that the exit of the European task could cost the United Kingdom somewhere in the range of 14.9% and 16% of its GDP, while the Ministry of Finance predicts a drop in GDP despite what might be expected, rivals of the European Union tru...

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