Engage in personal development in health Essay

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Engage in personal development in health

1.1 My Duties and responsibilities as a senior support worker include: following policies and procedures, attending regular meetings in order to progress and in the interest of the service users within the Gofal services, personal care, recording temperatures, administering medication, promoting independence for service users and ensuring a healthy lifestyle, ensuring all domestic duties are complete, delegating tasks, key working tasks, mentoring new members of staff and competing all paperwork daily.

1.2 As a senior support worker I always expect and ensure my work is completed to a very high standard, ensuring all current legislation is complied with via C.S.S.I.W and care standards. I should always be accountable by making sure I can answer for my actions. Promote and uphold the privacy, dignity, rights, health and wellbeing of people who use health and care services and their carers at all times. Work in collaboration with my colleagues to ensure the delivery of high quality, safe and compassionate healthcare, care and support. Communicate in an open, and effective way to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of people who use health and care services and their carers.

Respect a person’s right to confidentiality. Strive to improve the quality of healthcare, care and support through continuing professional development. Uphold and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. As a Support Worker, I make a valuable and important contribution to the delivery of high quality healthcare, care and support. Following the guidance set out in this Code of Conduct will give me the reassurance that you are providing safe and compassionate care of a high standard, and the confidence to challenge others who are not. This Code will also tell the public and people who use health and care services exactly what they should expect from me as a support worker.

2.1. The importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided is vital as it identifies weaknesses that can then be turned into strengths that will enable staff members to put action plans and guidelines into place to avoid any errors that may occur. This also enables us to make sure that high standards are met without any errors. Even our service users or us as staff may change and things such as personal care, support or medication may also need to be re-evaluated. It is especially of importance to staff that may have been in the industry for some time as new staff members may be able to visualise things that you may have become too rigid or set about.

2.3. Own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice due to relationship breakdowns or personal problems at home this may have a significant affect on peoples general day to day mood and personality. This without a doubt will have a detrimental affect on the service users we are supporting. This is why you need to keep your personal life and working life separate. Working for a Muslim orientated company we have to respect the

Wishes of our services so therefore Halal meat plays a major role within our services. Our meat must be Halal and no pork is to be consumed on the premises. Our service users are able to eat what they want outside of Gofal and whilst out on day services. Working a 24/7 rota can sometimes have an impact on those who have religious beliefs for example. Muslims attend mosque on a Friday where as Christians attend church on a Sunday and it is not always possible to accommodate everyone’s needs as the service users come first and the staff ratio always needs to correct in order to support to a high standard.

4.1. At Gofal we have regular supervision and team meetings where we can discuss anything of importance to us as support workers. If we are having any problems with staff members or service users then this gets discussed. As a result further training may be offered or different technique methods may be offered as well as reading the files again to go over any details that may have been missed or to refresh if you haven’t worked with a certain service user for a long time. In regards to progression I always aim to complete relevant courses and complete qualifications in order to further my career. If I complete my work to a high standard then at Gofal you will get recognised for your achievement and possibly work towards a higher grade.

5.1. Learning activities have affected practice as it builds confidence and experience in knowing what you are dealing with it may be in the form of an observation. Initially when I started Gofal I completed two shadowing shifts and this allowed me to observe different staff members approaches and how it may differentiate between maybe a male member of staff and a female member of staff. Depending on the service user we are supporting it may be a case of someone with a religious belief that may work well and build an excellent rapport with the service user. For example we have a female Muslim member of staff who works excellent with a Muslim service user where as he may not work as well with myself.

Appraisals and supervisions play a major role as they reflect on areas of improvement as you may have concerns regarding your support or the support that you are giving the service users. For example the ratio of females/males, age, religious beliefs, drivers and medication trained.

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