Engage in personal development in health Essay

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Engage in personal development in health

Identify Sources of Support for planning and reviewing own development. I personally write a diary of my setting so I can reflect on this and also ask my Teacher if I am progressing or if there are areas I could improve on. Line manager – they help me by answering any concerns I have about work.Observations – college assessor comes in to watch you do your job and then talks to you about any concerns they have seen they will advise and support you with your performance and development. Colleagues – you can talk to other LSA’s and TA’s about your work to get guidance on things, and also observe or shadow them to help you see how some things are done improving your development.Meetings – we have staff and key stage meetings where progress is discussed and you get to know about any new plans and any changes that are going on.

Training – to be able to learn the things that you are struggling with by going on various courses to improve your development.Mentors – someone who is assigned to you to be able to answer your questions about the job and put you on the right path. Self-assessment – reflecting on your work helps you to plan different ways of doing things and helps you see your progression.Class teacher – you can go to them with any concerns about your work and progress and they will regularly feedback to you on your progress and development.Yearly appraisal – this is a meeting to discuss your development progress where you can ask questions and review the things in your job description to make sure you are meeting them. Staff notice board – sometimes courses or training sessions are advertised here.

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