Engage in personal development in health Essay

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Engage in personal development in health

These are a description of my duties and responsibilities within my work role as expressed in the national occupational standards. *Provide Support for Learning Activities
Speaking to the teacher before the start of the lesson to find out what I need to do and which group I will be working with. At the end of the lesson I give feedback to the teacher on how the group managed the task and identify any child who may need a little extra help. *Help to Keep Children Safe

I have to help keep children safe during work, activities, play. I have to respond to accidents and report to the appointed first aider. I also encourage positive behaviour. *Contribute to Positive Relationships

I need to praise and encourage the children, make sure they know the school and classroom rules and deal with any bad behaviour fairly. I must make sure my behaviour is appropriate and respectful at all times. *Provide Effective Support for your Colleagues

I need to provide consistent and effective support at all times with my colleagues .I must continually develop my own skills and knowledge with ongoing training and feedback to be able to benefit myself and colleagues. *Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities

I speak with the teacher before the start of the lesson to find out what support I will be required to give and to which children/group. What the activities will be and what resources are required. To make sure I have the correct workbooks with me. At the end of the lesson I will give feedback to the teacher on how the children found the task and to identify any problems such as a child needing extra help to complete the work. *Support the Use of Information and Communication Technology for Teaching and Learning I make sure the I-pads are in the classroom for the activity, I help them to use the resources safely and effectively. When the I-pads are finished with I return them to the charging unit put them on charge so they are ready to be used for the next lesson. *Observe and Report on Pupil Performance

I listen to readers on a one to one basis and if I feel a pupil is struggling I report this to the teacher we discuss what level the reading book is and possibly changing the level to a more manageable one for the pupil. *Provide Displays

The pupils drew, coloured and cut out pictures of roman soldiers, I and a colleague stuck the individual soldiers on to a roll of coloured paper and then stuck them to on to the bottom of the wall in the corridor outside the classroom so it looks like soldiers marching into the classroom. This is a very good learning resource as it reinforces’ what the pupils have already learnt in topic. If any of the displays have been damaged I would remove and replace these as to keep the display boards tidy and up to date. *Invigilate Test and Examination

I was asked to sit with a pupil who was required to take a maths test on their own. I made sure I was very clear on what was required of me as the test had very strict instructions on what I could say when I was reading the questions and I clarified with a colleague on what help I was allowed to give. I also made sure I had all the resources required before I began the test. *Support Pupils Learning Activities

For Read Write and Inc I speak with my colleague about the group I’m working with as to which book we are on, how much support each pupil needs and if I can extend the work if this is needed. At the end of each lesson I give feedback to the teacher of any problems I or a pupil had and how I felt I dealt with the lesson, I would ask if there was anything I could improve on or do differently for the next lesson. *Promote Positive Behaviour

Make sure the pupils and I follow the school and class rules. *Develop and Promote Positive Relationships
Making sure I am always polite to the pupils and colleagues. Follow the schools code of conduct, encourage positive behaviour and speak fairly to any pupil who is not following the rules. *Support the Development and Effectiveness of Work Teams

I always ask colleagues if there any jobs they would like me to do once I have completed my own and I am always on time and support the whole team. *Support Literacy Development
I speak with my colleague before the beginning of Read Write Inc so I can make sure I fully understand which group I will be working with, what activities I will be doing and the level of support required. At the end of the lesson I will give feedback to the teacher as to the progress of the groups so the pupil’s individual levels can be monitored as to their stages need altering or additional help required. *Support Numeracy Development

I speak with my colleague before the lesson is due to start and go through my planning sheet to check all the resources are available, I would also ask which group I have and what level of support to give. At the end of the lesson I will give feedback on how the group/pupil worked so the teacher can make sure the individuals are working at their correct levels. *Prepare and Maintain the Learning Environment

As soon as I arrive at school I ask the colleagues what jobs need to be done i.e., photo copying work sheets, work books out, if it’s art I would get the paint pots, brushes, paint shirts, paints and paper out ready to use. *Promote the Transfer of Learning from Outdoor Experience

On a recent school trip we went to a museum where we were able to do activities about the Romans, this supports the topic which the pupils have been doing in the class room. From this trip the pupils were able to write accounts of what it would have been like to dress and march like Roman soldiers as they had experienced this on the school trip. The pupils are able to reflect on what was seen on the trip and write very detailed accounts.

In my job as a support assistant I am expected to abide by the school code of practice. It is extremely important that I adhere to these rules as staff must recognise the importance of their role in creating a positive atmosphere of care and respect for others. http://www.st-helenascofe.lincs.sch.uk/info/policies/Anti%20Bullying.pdf . If a pupil reports an incident of bullying to me I would report the incident to the pupil’s class teacher as in accordance with the schools anti bullying policy. By abiding by the Health and Safety policy I am ensuring that I keep colleagues and pupils safe and not putting anyone in a situation where an accident could happen. I must make sure I am always aware of any updates to the schools policy so I am able to be effective within my role. I need to get regular feedback from my colleagues as to my own performance, by doing this I can see where improvement is needed and if a different approach would have been more effective. This ensures the pupils are continually getting the best support available.

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