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Eng 11 Humor in Amer Realism (Unit 3)

ex: of hyperbole
they’ll flock in droves/they’ll fight for that stock

“Interview with President Lincoln” (uses humor)
I’m the father of twins, and they look like me — both of them

breaking the bill
giving change

common clay
ordinary man

small amount


What does Mark Twain satirize in “Bank-Note”
the long list of names required to address certain nobles

what is alluded to at the end of “Bank-Note”
the possibility of Adam’s failure and having a lot of debt to repay

ex of hyperbole
Jackson lives for an eternity in a two-room, ramshackle house

Why did Mark Twain create the character Henry Adams
to better compare and contrast American and British social tendencies

why did Mark Twain write about lower-class citizens in his satires
to reflect the realities of life in his writing

impending doom
Better known as ‘apprehension’ or a feeling that something bad is about to happen.

wealth worship
worship of wealth and status

rags to riches
poor to wealthy

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