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Energy Resources and Utilization Essay

Essay Topic:

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It is very evident that vehicles today that use engine are now significantly increasing in terms of number and are considered basic necessity to every one of us. As mentioned from the previous paragraph, the use of engines had been responsible in the pollution of our air and due to the alarming effect of this environmental hazard, many concerned citizens from different sectors are now responding to this issue. They are now using some alternatives forms of energy instead of coal as the fuels in order to minimize the effect of global warming, which is one of the results of engine emitting chemical gases.

Even the government of many countries is restricting their citizens in using vehicles that blow harmful chemical gases in the air. They are passing laws that will protect the environment by not allowing vehicles to be used in the road that are smoke belchers. Not only the issue of dependence on fossil fuels like engine is concerned in this paper, but more importantly is the dependence of fossil fuels in household and office applications and industrial application.

We know for the fact that almost all people in every country need energy that they will use for their daily purposes.

Every houses located in tropical region need air conditioner while those on temperate regions need heat pump. And all these equipment need fuel in order to operate and the most popular fuel for these applications are fossil fuels and electricity. In today’s market, the price of petroleum in the world market is significantly increasing making it more difficult for counties especially the third world countries to purchase barrels of petroleum in the Middle East countries. The continuous increase of petroleum in the world market will add burden to those industries that depends on petroleum.

Monopoly can also be observed as the Middle East countries tries to take control on the petroleum market. The main objective of this paper is to have deep analysis on renewable energy specifically on solar and wind energy. The analysis will tackle the energy resource as well the energy utilization in the United States. The study will provide a basic knowledge on the alternatives fuels that can be used to substitute coals and petroleum as main fuel on traditional engines to minimize the damage on the environment.

This paper will also have a brief discussion on the different alternative methods that will not only minimized pollution but also increase the efficiency of the engine so that it will justify the replacement of coals and fossil fuels as the main source of energy for engines. Before starting on the paper, it is better to determine the main proponents or the audience of this paper. For this paper, the audiences will compost of an individual or group of individuals that utilize engine in any forms like automobiles, vehicle, generators in a plant or any machine that has a mechanism of an engine.

These people may come from different walks of life like a normal employees or an executive director in a company. It is advisable for this feasibility study to focus on these individuals because they are the main contributors of harmful gases that is being emitted by the engine they are using. We know for the fact that machines operated by engines are part of their daily lives and businesses and they must be responsible enough to protect the environment from the harsh of toxic gases they release when using the said machines.

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