Energy Resource Plan Essay

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Energy Resource Plan

Energy has always been important in our ability to function and do our tasks. However, with the increasing consumption of man, energy sources are slowly depreciating. Due to this, there is a drive towards conservation so as to lessen the impact caused by man’s exhaustion of energy. By understanding the different ways one can contribute in the process, it can lead towards safeguarding and protecting our environment. Seeing the significance of energy, one must know that there are two ways that these can be gained and gathered.

The first one involves “renewable energy” which can come from any source that can be replaced at a short period of time (EIA, 2006). Examples of these include the sun (solar energy), water (hydropower) etc. On the other hand, “non renewable energy” is a term coined to determine resources that can only be replaced in a long period of time and different processes (EPA, 1997). These items include (1) oil, (2) fossil fuels, and (3) coal. As an individual, one can try to conserve energy in many ways possible. One process may involve turning off lights when not in use (Justice, 2009).

This in turn saves up energy and costs of electricity. Also, by commuting or using non-emissive vehicles, one can limit about 60% of recorded air pollution in cities (EPA, 1997). Lastly, one can promote recycling and justify proper energy consumption and lessen the amount of energy and resources used to create these materials. On the other hand, the government also has an important role to create a consensus towards energy conservation. They are considered the primary entity that can spearhead and enact legislation geared towards fostering greater responsibility among the citizenry (EIA, 2006).

At the same time, they can necessitate information campaigns that can strengthen the ability of each member of the community to be involved and establishing a norm towards change. To conclude, I have specified the current trends in energy consumption and its relevant consequences to man and the environment. It is by pointing out and differentiating the types of energy and the associated processes the government and man can do to generate a consensus towards change. It’s our time to act now.This is our way of making sure that there is a better future to our succeeding generations. So we must ACT now.


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