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Energy Production and Human Lives

Energy plays an important role in enhancing human’s lives and is one of important factors for determining the economic development of a country. Along with the steady increasing in the world’s populations, the demand for energy has rabidly increased. However, the conventional-energy sources based on coal, oil and natural gas have played the key role in the development we have achieved in the past. However, the depletion of these energy due to the excessive use and environmental-pollutions issues limited its application.

That’s why fossil fuel is considered among the biggest cusses of damaging the environment. Thus, it is very necessary to limit its uses as much as possible to preserve the environment [1-6].

The sustainable future of humanity can ensure innovation and modification of existing energy production and storage technologies by creating new energy sources. Globally, the diverse uses of energy for residential, transportation and industrial applications in different systems are powered by rapid changes, resulting in a huge shift in conventional energy fuels.

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Today, protecting our future environment and generating large-scale sustainable energy systems are key challenges [7].

In the area of energy production methods, the term “sustainable energy” can be interchanged with the term “renewable energy”. Since the successful application of fuel cells in different aspect of our lives, significant progress has been made in their commercialization. At the same time, as the world’s population grows and the industrialization of more products increases global demand for electricity, thus the pursuit of renewable and low-cost energy technologies becomes increasingly important and urgent.

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