Energy For The Future

In a world of dying industries, and rising pollution with barely recognizable amounts of temperature rise it’s hard to think about the future. Money talks, and if you barely ever experienced a suffocation of it than it’s hard to care about those who don’t have enough to make a serious change. Sure the media makes it seem like you alone can start the ripple of change, but we all have lives we all have things to worry about other than the weather or the air quality.

It’s kind of similar to how resteraunts in the 1930s started not having enough money to pay their employees a decent salary so they started putting the economic weight on to the customer i.e tips.

Now this probably isn’t as nefarious like that, but it still is disappointing that so many people think that they should take it on themselves to make the world a better place. Even though i’m not about to say that people shouldn’t get together and make a change i’m just saying that we the people have always been a bit of procrastinators(Definitely me) I mean it did take america like a hundred years to revolt against tyranny in general.

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Nonetheless we need to make changes now, not one hundred years from now. Even just 50 years from now oil will be long gone, and yet before even then the prices of natural gas( For your stoves, heaters, and dryers) will be at the very least as high as they were in 2008 or 2014 which made the gas prices around $4 per gallon sometimes going up to $5, so you can imagine how high the prices would be in 100 years.

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Those estimates are without the calculations of inflation which as you may know are known to sneak up on us.

That’s why I’m kinda just disappointed in the big corporations lack of enthusiasm, and real effort to get the renewable energies into the works. Let’s take the millionaires into account for a second, because it seems to me that people dismiss them of the effort because they’re too important or whatever it may be, but we need to be constantly putting the pressure on these big guys to dish out some cash into making renewable energies better, and more reliable.

Things like Solar, Geothermal, Hydro, and Wind are all just crazy lookin wacky inventions that all utilize the natural power, and work of the earth, and it’s solar system. Only recently have renewable energies became cheap enough to put in homes and in local communities. Through research, and funding the technology can become so much more efficient, and maybe even cheaper. Of course only time will tell if these major players will help their fellow peoples out. For instance Bill Gates could literally spend a million dollars every month on renewable energy research and still have enough money for a very long time.

All in all we’re basically doomed in 100 years time if changes aren’t made to the power grid, but you might as well just try your best, and be happy, so partake in a bit of optimistic nihilism, and you’ll be fine. Try not to drift into existential dread with all these energy problems looming around though.

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