Energy Exam Essay

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Energy Exam

1. To cut down on energy usage, the main priority in the house is to keep it self-insulated. Covering the attic and floors with insulation will help maintain heat during the winter, which is one of the largest energy burners. Many times, access to floors can be found in the basement in order to line insulation. In conjunction with this, any exterior drafts should be covered with caulk and the doors should have draft guards. Have plugs connected to a power strip and turned off when not in use.

This will limit the flow of power. Using florescent light bulbs will help out with efficiency as well, especially in winter. During summertime, candles can be utilized since dusk occurs much later at night. Drying clothes by hanging them on outdoor lines in the summer months will help limit use of major appliances as well. Making sure there are no leaks will reduce water waste. Also, making sure that the toilets don’t run will save on water. 2. Constructing a new home could have some great benefits for solar power.

The house can be erected to have the roof come to a point that runs north and south so that the roof-panels are exposed most to the sun from east to west. Any trees should be kept trimmed below the roof. Since most basements do have some sort of radon that could possibly be a health hazard, installing a radon mitigation device can be beneficial along with the home-construction, in order to avoid any possible drafts caused by a later installment. Energy star appliances, especially washing and drying machines should be installed.

A septic tank should be irrigated to drain into groundwater. Also, creating a gutter system that can drain into the manhole of the septic system can be beneficial to reduce leaks in the house and to preserve water. 3. Ethanol cannot necessarily be utilized in the United States as it is in Brazil because US ethanol is based off of corn, which is much less efficient than sugar ethanol. This is the Brazilian ethanol. Also, because of trade-tariffs and low sugar production rates in the US, producing sugar-ethanol is not that feasible. The E85 is a mixture of regular gasoline and ethanol.

This new design in a flex-fuel car can take higher concentrations of ethanol or gasoline. This makes the process more convenient and efficient. Biodiesel is fuel made from many oils such as vegetable oil and fat by removing the glycerin. Unfortunately the supply is very low for energy-consuming titans like the US where the use of cars is measured in the millions. In conjunction with this, biofuels that are completely devoid of any petroleum mix can only operate in diesel engines. 4. Sustainability is keeping balance of the ecosystem within a community.

Livability is generally how well the quality of life citizens live in. Typically, the two go hand in hand. Within a major city, the congestion of vehicles is massive; therefore, increasing the number of bus routes and increasing availability of tickets may help. In this city, the buses travel from a northerly point to the southern transit center. But if one wishes to leave from a northern residence to another location in the northern area, they must first travel south to the transit center, switch buses and travel north again, all of which can take over an hour to complete.

Routes that travel from west to east and vice versa may cut down on the inconvenience of bus travel and thus encourage more riders and less traffic. In several neighborhoods there are wide roads that cross the residences to allow access for vehicles coming from commercial districts. Bike lanes can be added to these roads since a consumer can simply ride to their shop from a home, thus further cutting down on traffic. In several residential zones there are many abandoned shops that can be condemned and transformed into learning centers, libraries, or parks to increase the livability of the neighborhood.

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