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Energy Efficiency Experiments Essay

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Energy Efficiency Experiments

The most efficient out of all the experiments was experiment 4 because a small amount of electrical energy produced kinetic energy + heat energy which caused gravitational potential energy + more heat energy. The efficiency of experiment 4 was 3790 % which is a substantial amount compared to the other experiments. Maximum productivity was achieved with minimal energy wasted as the wasted energy output was -1107 J. Coal is considerably very cheap. You burn the coals and use it to heat up things as a fire.

It releases carbon dioxide so pollutes the environment. Gas is expensive than coal but it is simple to do and it is cleaner to the environment. Wind is free, but it isn’t a dependable source as it isn’t windy all the time. Hydroelectric has the same advantages and disadvantages as wind.. Nuclear is complicated and expensive to use but it is very difficult to dispose of the toxic waste that occur after using it. Generating Efficiency-Research method There are many methods of energy production which relate to being the most efficient.

Electric power plant efficiency ? is defined as the ratio between the useful electricity output from the generating unit, in a specific time and the energy value of the energy source supplied to the unit in the same time period. Solar energy is the good energy (light or heat) that comes from the sun. Only a small amount of the sun’s energy strikes the Earth. Solar power systems, once they’re up and operational last for 15-30 years. In 2008 solar only provided . 02% of the world’s energy, that number is growing every year.

Also, Wind energy is another form of energy which the wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. People have been using energy from the wind for hundreds of years to pump water or grind grain. Today, we use wind turbines to generate electricity. However, wind energy does not produce harmful greenhouse gases or waste products. According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind reduces emissions. One modern turbine could prevent 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere in the US each year.

This shows how effective wind energy is and the effects it has. There is also energy from coal which is a non-renewable energy source because it takes millions of years to create and the problem with this is that coal is running out fast, so once it has run out then there is no other way for us to do many of the things we do and use daily without coal. Lastly, bio fuels, including ethanol, are clean-burning, biodegradable and made from renewable resources.

In addition to being used as fuel for transportation, bio fuel can be converted to other useful forms of energy, including methane gas and heat. These different methods of energy production, show exactly how efficient they are, and which energy source is more efficient than the other. In comparison, I would say that the wind energy is one of the most reliable meanings saving coast, being renewable etc, but for generating electricity I would say that the hydro electric power is the most efficient.

The reason for this is because Hydro-electric power, using the potential energy of rivers, now supplies 17. 5% of the world’s electricity, this shows how useful it is and also because it is available in many forms, potential energy from high heads of water retained in dams, kinetic energy from current flow in rivers and tidal barrages, and kinetic energy also from the movement of waves on relatively static water masses. This is why I would use this method for generating electricity.

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