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Energy drinks consumers are generally bellow 35 years of age. The industry targets teenagers, young adults and athletes. Workers are also included in the market segment for this product. As regards to customers description, recent studies has pointed out that 65% of energy markets are male (Energy Drinks Market, n. d). Consumers are usually single with an average income (Central Information Organization, 2009, p. 8). Nowadays, energy drinks are very popular among teenager students. As confirmed by Bahrain Central Information Organization webpage (CIO), students’ rate is 174.

98 per 1000 population. This is a large percent taking into account the very small population of Bahrain. Furthermore, people at this period of age are well known to be very outgoing and active but with increasing burdens of daily studies they become very busy and in need for a fast and effective boost for their energy. Similarly, athletes are mostly young adults and students at the same time. They surely need energy drinks to build their bodies and to provide them with more strength to exercise their favorite sport.

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Added to that, workers constitute the third part of energy drinks customers. They use energy drinks quite often, especially the ones with two jobs or more or a full time job. Working in these fields becomes so exhausting which creates a need for more energy and it is obtained by energy drink consumption. For students energy drinks are intensively consumed during midterm or final exams period. Teenagers become nervous and very tired due to the great pressure provoked by hard work studying.

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A recent study shows that one-half of college students consume at least 1 energy drink per month (M. A. Heckman, K. Sherry, and E. Gonzalez de Mejia, 2010). Students expect that this would help them gain more energy in compensate of the amount they have lost. Added to that, athletes need energy drinks before big matches or during tournaments. They aim to gain extra power in order to be able to exercise more and to go on with their games. The customers’ situations mentioned above will certainly cause high demand on this product in energy drinks market.

What’s more the distribution of the product in Bahrain will be on several places around the country. Hyper markets, pharmacies, universities and colleges, gyms and also sport clubs are all ideal places to introduce the product as the three main customers frequently visit those locations. Briefly, market segment for energy drinks is growing well and ready for new products. 2. 2 Customer Description At the time we come to think about energy drinks consumers, we must determine which group is in real need for the product.

Every person is exposed to the fatigue of daily life which often comes with hard studying or overwork. Youth though, are the most affected group of people as they suffer more from the insufficient amount of energy caused by lack of sleep and hard work (Target Group for Energy Drink: Ads and the Market, n. d). “Granted, a great number of people are working longer hours and appear to lead busier and more stressful lives; however their bodies often can’t cope because they are often also making poor food and lifestyle choices” (J. Davies, n. d, paragraph 1).

For energy drinks consumers, motivation depends on how often they actually need to satisfy their wants and needs. However, many campaigns were started by lead energy drinks companies to stimulate motivation. Nevertheless, this target market is mostly consisted of male consumers who mostly believe in the sincerity of energy drinks claims. As a consequence, energy drinks are basically targeted towards today generation (Target Group for Energy Drink: Ads and the Market, n. d). 2. 2. 1 Geographic the product will hit units with the largest amount of populations in Bahrain.

As demonstrated in the table bellow, the majority of the population is concentrated in the three governorates: Capital, Central and Northern. Administrative units, figure 1 Northern Central Capital Muharraq Southern Southern Map of The Administrative Units Division, figure 2 Moreover, all three are located in the upper side of the country (figure 2). As explained in further point of this report the product is a new brand of Coca Cola Co. The Cola factory is located in Salmabad an industrial area in Bahrain (Wikipedia, 2010). This would be the start point of the distribution process.

Then, the product will be delivered to universities, one of the largest places of students gatherings for example: University of Bahrain, Bahrain polytechnic and AMA. The product will be available in campuses whether in canteens, small cold stores or even cafeterias. Also, athletes can easily find the product in gyms and other sports halls. Furthermore, famous hypermarkets such as: Geant, Lulu and Carrefour Hypermarket will be the ultimate seller for the product. All three types of customer can simply find the product in one of these locations.

2. 2. 2 Demographic To start with, market segment for energy drinks is targeted at group of people in their late teens to early thirties. The age group is determined between 18 to 34 years of old. Age Groups| Both Sexes| Males| 15 – 19| 70,363| 35,961| 20 – 24| 102,341| 60,497| 25 – 29| 151,173| 102,994| 30 – 34| 139,108| 93,838| Total| 462985| 293290| Figure 3 The data in this table is retrieved from Bahrain Central Information Organization This table presents the population of both Bahraini and non-Bahraini residents in the age group of 15-34.

The third column illustrates Males numbers since the majority of consumers belong to this gender. According to the above table, the total population of this market segment is estimated by 462985. Almost 293290 are men which mean they are more than the half of the entire population. There are three main occupations for this crowd they are students, athletes or busy employees. The statistics of Supreme Council for Woman SCW shows that the average age of first marriage for men is 26. 4. This indicates that group A are still single while are married.

The statistics also confirm that most families in Bahrain include 5 to 6 members. This proves that consumers typically have a medium size family. What’s more, the first group of consumers is supposed to be high school seniors, recent graduates or college students. On the other hand, group B members are usually universities graduates and new employees. It is proven that customers are willing to pay more per liter in return they expect to receive a satisfactory boost of energy (staff reporter, 2006, paragraph 5). 2. 2. 3 Psychological Characteristics There are several behaviors that characterize energy drinks customers.

They are always seeking for more energy. Those consumers are very practical and always thinking of having fun. However, they can easily be tired out by daily duties and work. Especially if they are students with part time jobs or sport activities for athletic students. Added to that, workers who have two or more jobs or work in a full time job can also be jeopardized to continuous pressure and every day stress. Therefore, energy drinks becomes the savior for them due to the immediate power that helps them restore their low energy and persist the day normally. 2. 2.

4 Behavioral Characteristics The majority of energy drinks customers are young people. Their love for life and hyper is what really distinguish them. What’s more, energy drinks consumers are described to be really outgoing and very active. This crowd is always trying to find a better way to enjoy their selves. Another thing is that, this group like speed, flash, and direct thrill which can be obtained by most energy drinks taking into account the important role of bold packaging in satisfying customers taste (Packaging Schemes & Energy: Popular Drink Designs, n. d).

Nevertheless, in some point of the day they can get really busy which upset quite a large number of them and prevent them from completing their activities. This is where the energy drinks market takes place of forming a reliable renewed source of body energy.

References 1. Energy Drinks Market. n. d. Retrieved from 2. Bahrain Central Information Organization. Page. 8. 2009. Retrieved from http://www. cio. gov. bh/CIO_ARA/English/Publications/Bahrain%20in%20Figure/BIF2007_2008. pdf 3. M. A. Heckman. K. Sherry. and E. Gonzalez de Mejia. 2010.

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Energy Drinks Customer Analysis
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