Energy Drinks Essay

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Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are part of the human life nowadays especially to the younger generation. Like other activities such as smoking and drinking, the consumption of energy drinks also goes on increasing. Most of the energy drink manufacturers target the youths for their marketing strategies and hence the advertisements are mostly aimed at attracting the youths. Millions of dollars are spent for the energy drink advertisements. Most of the world famous celebrities like film actors/actresses and sports personalities are the brand ambassadors of energy drinks. Energy drink Advertisements

The advertising campaigns are mostly ranges from extreme sports activities like, cliff-diving, surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, racing, and break dancing to art shows, music, and video games. Most of the international cricket teams and football teams are sponsored by energy drink manufacturers like Red Bull, Pepsi, and Coca Cola. For example Pakistan cricket team was sponsored by Pepsi for a long period. Some of the American Football and Basket ball teams were sponsored by Red Bull. Some energy drinks manufacturers sponsor marathon races across the countries to promote their product.

Their intention is to spread the brand awareness in two ways. First, they know that a marathon rays will cover a long distance across the country and hence it will attract many people. Second they know in sports like marathon race, the participants Energy Drinks 2 need lot of stamina and energy to complete the race. So they will utilize the stamina of a marathon racer to their advantages. “Energy drink slogans are as different as the drinks themselves, but they all work to appeal to the ideal consumer crowd. Energy drinks, unlike other beverages, are traditionally marketed to a very small, specific consumer group.

For example, some energy drink brands focus on extreme sports enthusiasts, others cater to students and their energy needs, and still others try to attract the video game crowd. ” (Facts expert) Mouth publicity is considered as one of the most effective marketing strategy and hence attractive slogans are used in the advertisements of energy drinks. Youths are especially very much interested in songs and slogans and they will give mouth publicity attractive to the songs or slogans which they may feel special.

So the ad agencies are very keen in introducing some slogans in their marketing campaigns of the energy drinks. “If most energy drink slogans are responsible for a large part of a brand’s advertising, it is essential that they be catchy and memorable. Some of the drink names themselves act as slogans—either officially or unofficially—like Crunk and GoFast!. Because most energy drinks are appealing to the younger teenage and twenty-something generation” (Facts expert) The success of a slogan campaign lies in lyrics of the slogan. The slogan must be simple and easy to say.

It should reflect the theme of the energy drink to attract the customers. The lyrics should be persuasive, attractive Energy Drinks 3 and it should motivate the target people to repeat it again and again. There should not be any abusive or dirty words in the slogan. It should ignite the minds of the target people so that they will be motivated to give mouth publicity to it and thereby the brand awareness of the energy drink will be increased. Youths are always interested in taking risks and also playing adventurous sports. They need things to be happened at a rapid pace.

Because of their enthusiasm and the psychological level, they like fast life and like to have more energy in their veins. So they will participate in anything and consume anything because of the reasons mentioned above. Advices to the Marketers It is a good habit to utilize the possibilities of sports and games in the marketing of the energy drinks. The modern youths are experiencing lack of physical activities and hence most of them have obesity and overweight which result in lack of self esteem and other health related problems.

The marketing campaign through sports activities will definitely improve the awareness about the physical activities which is essential for the modern world. So the energy drink manufacturers should continue the marketing campaign through sports activities. “Some of the energy ingredients in the variety of energy drinks include: Royal Gelly, (Honey bee byproduct), Ginseng (Herbal root very popular in Asia), Ashwaganda, (Member of the pepper family also known as Indian ginseng), Horny Goat Weed (Chinese plant), Skullcap (North American perennial herb),

Energy Drinks 4 White Willow (North American tree bark, natural alternative to aspirin), Black Seed (Ancient herbal remedy in Asia, Africa and the Middle East), Guarana (Fruit vine found in Amazon Basin with a powerful caffeine bean), Taurine (A naturally occuring acid)Additionally, healthy ingredients such as green tea and fruit juices are being added to capitalize on the better-for-you trend. Green tea and pomegranates are some of the more obvious recent attempts to tie in products that are currently “hot trends” in healthy eating with a traditional energy drink.

” (Agri-Food Trade Service) At the same time the energy drink manufacturers must improve their commitments to the society by enriching the energy drinks with some essential nutrient which is lacking in the modern fast food culture. Most of the essential vitamins required for the health are vanishing from the current food culture and hence the energy drink manufacturers must take that social responsibility to enrich their drinks with essential vitamins required for the health.

“Energy drinks – usually a mixture of caffeine, taurine, carbohydrates, B-complex vitamins and gluconolactone – have become very popular in recent years” (Energy Drinks Do Not Help Maintain Alcohol’s Buzz) Some of the marketing techniques of the energy drink manufacturers include: Tension, stress relief, Sobering effects, Improved love life, Stamina, Reflexes, Alertness, Virility, and Stimulates metabolism (Agri-Food Trade Service) Neither of the above mentioned claims from the energy drink Energy Drinks 5 manufacturers are proved scientifically yet.

But still they keep on using the same slogans in their ad campaigns to attract a specific segment of the society and they must think of stopping such slogans. Conclusions Most of the energy drink advertisements are misleading. The manufacturers offer so many things which will never materialize through the consumption of it. The ad campaigns utilizing sports activities will definitely create awareness about the physical activities among youths. The energy drink manufacturers must think of including certain essential vitamins in their drinks which is diminishing from the modern world due to fast food culture.

They should stop utilizing caffeine like ingredients in their drink. Energy Drinks 6 Works Cited 1. Facts expert (2005), Drink Advertising and Energy Slogans, Retrieved on March 5, 2009 from <http://energydrinks. factexpert. com/905-energy-drink-slogans. php> 2. Agri-Food Trade Service (2008), The Energy Drink Segment in North America Retrieved on March 5, 2009 from <http://www. ats. agr. gc. ca/us/4387_e. htm> 3. Energy Drinks Do Not Help Maintain Alcohol’s Buzz, (2004) Retrieved on March 5, 2009 from <http://alcoholism. about. com/od/college/a/blacer0409

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