Meaning and Biology of Energy: Exploring Essential Compounds

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When we say that something gives us “energy,” what does that mean? What is a biological definition of energy? When we say that something gives us “energy” it means that, that drink gave us power to get up and do things. It energizes us so we can accomplish something. The biological definition of energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. 2. What is the physiological role of each of the molecules in your table? The role of each of the molecules in my table is to

Which ingredients provide energy? How do they do that?

Caffeine, sugars and many more provide energy by stimulating the central nervous system giving the body a sense of alertness.

It can raise heart rate and blood pressure while dehydrating the body.

Which ingredients contribute to body repair, I.e., which help build or rebuild muscle tissue?

Glucose (sugar) to provide energy quickly to the muscles. Because sugar is short-lasting, the resulting energy burst is also short-lasting.

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Ingredients with protein repairs, and Folic Acid, since it helps with DNA synthesis which makes protein. In our case the amino acid group help build muscle tissue in the drink Nos.

In what ways might the one that does not have a metabolic energy source provide the perception of increased energy after consumption?

The main purpose of an energy drink is to increase stamina and physical performance. With the consumption of caffeine the person will increase performance.

How are the ingredients in these drinks helpful to someone expending a lot energy a runner?

I believe the ingredients in these drinks are not helpful to someone expending a lot of energy because it’s not healthy and the energy that’s given off these energy drinks do not last long.

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Therefore it’s unreasonable to drink energy drink when you can drink water and maybe Gatorade or Powerade.

Does your analysis substantiate the claim that this is an “energy drink”?

If so, what molecules are the sources of energy?

Yes the claim substantiate that Nos is an energy drink.

The sources of energy in are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, being burned in the presence of oxygen. But the chemical reactions required to consume this energy do require water.

Could you drink serve different purposes for different consumers? Explain.

Nos energy drink could be used to provide energy to those who play sports and need the energy, those who need the energy because of lack of sleep, or those who simply enjoy the taste of it.

What is the normal physiological response to increased intake of sugars? To increased intake of caffeine?

The glucose levels in the blood increase and cause and increase in insulin production with and increased amount of sugar intake. With an increase of caffeine intake the heart rate increases and cause anxiety, insomnia, and the blood vessels to expand.

Is there such a thing as “sugar high”?

Explain your answer. No, there is no such thing as sugar high. Many people believe sugar makes people hyper but that is a myth. It is because some people are low sugar tolerant and some have a higher toleration for sugar.

Evaluate, in terms of basic physiology and biochemistry, the statement: A lack of sleep causes a lack of energy.

Sleeping is essential for everyone and we at least need 6 hours of sleep a day to let our body rest after it has been active for many hours. One lacks energy because your body and brain did not have enough time to fuel up again so therefore one feels tired.

Are the product claims legitimate? Why?

No, they are off because the amount of caffeine listed is much lower then what it actually has.

Should you simply buy a can of coke rather than one of these energy drinks?

Why/ why not? Yes, but then again no because coke products are honest about what the drink has in so therefore you know what you are consuming and how much but then again it can still affect your health. Coke is a better then Nos but not the healthiest choice.

Enhances mental focus
High performance
Fuels gamers
Natural caffeine

People should really think about the things they put in their bodies. Many are not aware of the risks that one put themselves in because of the products they consume. Energy drinks are an example of beverages that many people drink but not everyone knows the risks. A lot of young adolescents enjoy drinking these type of beverages. Energy drinks have high caffeine but the product does not inform you of how much caffeine one is actually consuming. High levels of caffeine cause the heart rate to increase and it could cause death if people are not careful.

The claims say that it enhances the mental focus; however the drink cause anxiety problems and insomnia. The high levels of caffeine cause these side effects and increase the consumers heart rate. The claims also state that it is high performance, which is partially true. The caffeine makes one feel wide awake and have more energy but deep down their body is forcefully being told to act that way. The Nos Energy drink tries to catch the eye of adolescents by the logos on the drinks such as “Nos fuels gamers.” The drink states that it has natural caffeine and even though it may be natural, it has 260 mg of caffeine. A girl in Missouri drank 2 Nos drinks and passed out which caused her to be hospitalized according to This is why consumers need to be careful when buying these types of beverages because they could end up hospitalized or possibly dead. It clear states on the can that it is only recommended for adults, but yet anyone is allowed to buy not matter what age they are which is unbelievable.

Sources of Energy
Amino Acids
Stimulants & Vitamins
Other-Please Categorize
Citric Acid
Acesulfame Potassium
Pyridoxine HCL

Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid

(Potassium Sorbate)- Salt of sorbic acid

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