Endothermic Reaction Essay

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Endothermic Reaction

Endothermic Reaction Lab Report

The Effect Ammonium Nitrate has on the Temperature of Water During this lab students are going to mix water and ammonium nitrate one gram at a time and observe the change in temperature that is occurring. The students are then going to record the data on a table and later will be able to make a graph of the results. A hypothesis for this lab could be if ammonium nitrate is added to water then the water temperature will decrease.

Hypothesis: If ammonium nitrate is added to water then the water temperature will decrease

250 ml beaker
150 ml beaker
Chemical scoop
Petri dish
Petri Dish
Accurate Scale
12 grams of Ammonium Nitrate
Preciously 200 ml of water
Beaker Brush (If beaker is not clean)
TI CBL system and Thermometer
Electric Stirrer or Stirring stick


Construct a chart that ranges from 0-10 grams of Ammonium Nitrate and measures the temperature for each gram added Clean out containers if needed Use a scale to measure the out 12 grams of ammonium nitrate Empty the ammonium nitrate i  the 150 ml beaker Fill the 250 ml beaker with 200 ml of water Measure the temperature of the water record the data Then add one gram of ammonium nitrate and record the data like before, continue to do this for 10 grams Despose of the ammonium nitrate mixture down the drain while running water Data Results and Discussion As you can tell by the graph for every gram of ammonium nitrate added to the water the temperature of the water went down. This can be expressed by the equation Y= -.2x+19.2. This means that for every gram added the temperature of the water went down .2 degrease.

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