Enders Shadow Book Report Essay

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Enders Shadow Book Report

Bean- Main Character, Protaganist: A homeless boy on the streets of Rotterdam that uses his intelligence to keep him alive, and eventually earn him a spot on the ranks of Battle School. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin- Another boy recruited to Battle School, a lot like bean, small, and extremely smart. Is Beans mentor and example as he goes through Battle School. Poke: A nine year old girl, that also lives on streets of Rotterdam. Takes Bean into her family and gives him a chance. She is one of the main reasons for Beans survival. Sergeant; Pokes right hand man. He is eight years old. He knows Achilles killed Poke but doesn’t tell anyone and then sides with Achilles. Achilles: A bully of Rotterdam, has a bad leg, is jumped and forced to join Pokes family for protection. It was Beans plan that got Achilles into the family.

Helga: An advisor in the kitchen of Rotterdam, supervises the lines outside. When Achilles brings his family to the kitchen she has compassion and immediately lets them to the front of the line. She changes the rules so that any older child that has and cares for younger children will always eat first. Nikolai Delphiki: Enders twin brother, he helps Enders in Battle School and is one of the few people he can trust. Sister Carlotta: is the woman who recruited Bean to Battle School and saw his intelligence and recognized it. Petra Arkanian: takes Bean under her wing when he is first assigned to Salamander Army, while Bonzo, the commander, refuses to teach him anything. Bonzo Madrid: Bonzo is an enemy of Enders.

Colonel Graff: the head advisor of Battle School. Islolates Bean to make him learn to survive and strengthen him. Dimak:The man who questions Bean when he first gets on the shuttle, lets everyone know he is smarter than them. Mexican Janitor: Finds Bean in the Toilet in the orphanage. Dr. Volescu: Beans father

This story starts out with Bean at age 7 attempting to survive on the streets of Rotterdam. He is very small for his age but extremely smart. There are a lot of little groups of homeless children on the streets of Rotterdam that stick together and help each other out, because there is strength in numbers and it increases their chances of survival. He isn’t part of any of these groups he only finds food by what he scavenges out of garbage cans. “In the streets of Rotterdam food was hard to come by, my only source of food came from what I could find in the garbage cans (Card 8)” But one day he goes up to poke and tells her he has a plan to help her survive. At first she pushes him away and threatens to kill him, but as she listens to his plan of recruiting a bully for protection she finds that she likes the idea.

“You got to get your own bully (Card 18).” “If I get me a Bully, if what you said works, then maybe I feed you(Card 19).” So Bean makes the plan that they need to jump one of the bullies that are still strong and dominant but can still be taken down and controlled. So they decide that Achilles is perfect for the job. “If he doesn’t comply then we kill him (Card 19)” When Achilles walks down a alley way all of the kids jump on him and pound him with rocks until he is only holding to life by a thread. They tell him they will let him live if he joins their family and protects them. “You get us to the front of the line at the Kitchen(Card 20)?” “Sure, Right, I will, I promise(Card 20).” “Don’t believe him, Kill Him(Card 20)!” “Don’t be stupid, said Poke, He’s in(Card 20).” “If you don’t kill him now he is going to kill you.(Card 20).”

Achilles gets them into the Kitchen like he promised and he slowly starts to take over Pokes position as leader. Soon enough he has all of the kids calling him “papa.” “It’s your crew not mine, This is more of a Crew to me this is my Family(Card 23).” “Bean saw at once Achilles had won. Powerful bully, and he had called these kids his sisters, his brothers. Bean could see the hunger, the deep hunger, for family, for love, for belonging. They got a little of that by being in Poke’s crew. But Achilles was promising more. He had just beaten Poke’s best offer. Now it was too late to kill him(Card 23).” When Achilles takes his family to the kitchen Helga lets them go right to the front of the line, but before they get there Achilles stabs one of the other bullys with a knife to let everyone know he means business.

Later that night Bean hears some of the Bullys saying they are going to kill Achilles for cutting in line. That same night Bean meets Sister Carlotta, a nun, and she tells him she can get him out of there. The next day when Bean tells Achilles what he had heard he doesn’t seem worried, then later Sister Carlotta has him take a few more tests and Bean passes with flying colors. Later that night Bean sees Poke slip away, follows her and sees her meet up with Achilles and sees them kiss! He starts to head back to the family then turns back for a moment, and sees Poke with a knife in her eye and Achilles nowhere to be seen. “I trusted him, I knew what he was from the first and I trusted him(Card 47).” “Aww Poke you poor, stupid, kind, decent girl, you saved me and I let you down(Card 47).”

Sister Carlotta begins talking to the Advisors of Battle School, at first they say they want Achilles, but after learning he committed a murder they decide they don’t. When she tells them about Bean they say they might want to wait a few more years before they take him in. Bean begins having dreams about his past, he tells Sister Carlotta about them. He says he remembers living in a clean place and remembers a man would come in and clean at night and Bean would get scared when he heard him so he would hide in a toilet bowl. Then he remembers the cleaning man taking him to his house. She attempts to find the janitor that saved Bean in attempt to recover answers about his past. When she finds the janitor she brings a cop with her for questioning. They discover that Bean was raised in an Organ Farm, but the people behind the Organ Farm are untraceable. The Commanders decide that they are going to bring Bean to Battle School despite their doubts.

When Bean first gets on the shuttle a man comes out and introduces himself as Dimak and immediately starts quizzing them. He calls out Bean and though he was smaller he made sure all of the other kids on the shuttle knew that Bean was smarter than them. When Bean first arrives at Battle school he starts exploring. He finds the older kids classrooms, but before he can go anywhere else, a girl named Petra Arkanian leads him back to the Game Room. The game room is a room filled with games. While in the game room Bean notices some air vents that with his size, he could crawl into, and so he does. He can travel from place to place by the air vents. The Commanders notice that Bean took a long time to get back to the barracks, due to the tracking devices that they have in the suits but they don’t give it much thought.

Next they let the launchies (or new kids) set up their computers in their rooms, Bean sets up two, and they say that on their free time they can play this fantasy game on the computers. Bean know that if he plays this game it will allow the Advisors to know more and more about him but he doesn’t care. Then he meets Bonzo Madrid a enemy of Ender and he tells Bean all of Enders weaknesses but Bean doesn’t care about his weaknesses he just wants to know more about Ender. Bean creates a secret folder on his fake computer and put a lot of files and maps of Battle School on there. Then later the advisors see that there are one too many users and they tell everyone to change their passwords because someone is signing in as someone else. Meanwhile the advisors are fearing that Bean will plan a revolt, and contemplate sending him home but they don’t. Meanwhile back on earth Sister Carlotta has met with an old Russian Scientist named Anton.

Anton learned too much about something that he shouldn’t know, so authorities placed a device in his head that restricted him telling other people about the things he discovered. But, when he and Sister Carlotta talk, they use references to code their talk so the implant wouldn’t give him a panic attack and end their conversation. Unfortunately, the guards eventually figured their code out and gave Anton a panic attack. Sister Carlotta did learn that Bean was genetically altered to be super smart. The downside to this, though, was that he would have a short life and die in his twenties. The next day Bean leaves lunch extremely early to go in search of an air vent in his room, he finds one and that night he crawls in it and finds Colnel Graff talking to sister Carlotta saying that she found Beans father Dr. Volescu and he took some of his own genes and put in other Genes to make his children super smart and really small, but would grow to be giants by age 20, but would only live to be about 25.

Then when Bean comes back he sees an advisor logging on to his computer he memorizes the advisors password and with this he now has access to a lot more information. With this new knowledge he writes many papers about the corruption of Battle School and other things. The Advisors find that Bean has logged on to an advisors account and discover that he writes as if he is an English professor, but instead of change the password they see what he does with the newly discovered information. Then they ask Bean to write a roster for the Dragon Army, this army has never won a match, Bean writes the roster and gives it to Dimak and immediately every person Bean requests is transferred into the Dragon Army, and Bean is the Commander. The next week sister Carlotta is requesting that they run tests on Bean to see if he really is Dr. Volescu’s son. They find out that he isn’t Beans dad but his Uncle.

And sister Carlotta gets word they are bringing up Achilles, Sister Carlotta is 100% against this. This week is also the first week of Practice, Bean is the best one in the army, and asks Ender for his own Toon, Ender says he has to prove his worth first then he will get his Toon. “If your fair I will have my own Toon in a month(Card 223).” Ender puts in a formation that can allow the team to break apart and scatter at any time. One of the members disagrees with the formation, Bean yells at him, then the kid pushes Bean up against the bunk, only to be saved by Nikolai. Sister Carlotta finds out that there were 24 other cloned eggs, but 23 of them are missing, but the other one is in battle school and discovers it is Nikolai, and that Bean and Nikolai are twins, the only difference is that Bean is much more intelligent.

Bean and the Dragon Army soon get their first battle, they win, and they start having battle after battle, day after day. Ender says that they can’t fight like this anymore because his crew is getting worn out. Then later Bonzo meets Bean in the hall and asks how to beat Ender, when Bean won’t tell him, he chokes him up against the wall and threatens to kill Bean and Ender both. The next day The Dragon Army has 2 battles in one day. Except on the second battle the team is allowed a 20 second head start. Dragon army wins but barely. That night Ender tells Bean all of his worries and problems and gives Bean his own Toon. Ender gets a few kids together and forms his Toon, he finds some chord that is used to hold up pillars. They discover that they could use it in battle, and it could allow them to change direction quickly.

Then later when Ender is in the bathroom Bonzo and his friends come into the bathroom and gang up on Ender. Ender kicks Bonzo in the crotch and gets him on the ground and hurts him so bad he accidently kills him. The next day dispite Enders fight they have a Battle, except it is against 2 teams at once. Ender uses Beans special Toon and their chord, they defeat the two teams, then after the battle all of the Toon leader are made into commanders, when Bean goes to tell Ender this he finds that Ender has been promoted to Commander School. As Beans first action as commander he gives a speech in the mess hall, then he discovers that Achilles has been placed into his Army, he lays down the ground rules and makes sure he knows he is the boss, and treats him as any other launchy.

That night Bean gets Achilles to crawl with him into the vent, Achilles trys to kill him, then all of the members of Beans team tie him to the fan, and tell him he can either confess all of his murders or they will hang him. He confesses them, then they hang him anyways. After this Bean is sent to command school, with nine other kids. Bean and other kids start training on simulators as if they are commanding a quadrant and fighting against Buggers. The command to the ships are instantaneous and soon Bean discovers that they aren’t playing a simulation at all they are sending messages across galaxies and commanding real fleets.

During the simulation, Petra falls asleep, and her fleet is blown to pieces, another kid loses his mind. The fleets are falling apart. But the day of the final battle, the Bugger forces are all grouped around the Bugger planet; Ender sends in all the ships and destroys the Bugger planet, and the Buggers. And they win the war. “As the planet exploded it engulfed all of the Buggers, the Buggers were all dead, they had won(Card 465).” Bean goes home with his brother Nikolai and they see there long lost mom. And they are a big happy family again. As for Ender he goes and lives and attempts to repopulate the Bugger Planet.

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