Endangered Status Animal Groups

Ring – Tailed Lemurs can only be found on the country island Madagascar. To compete for a female, male Ring – Tailed Lemurs will rub their tails with scent from glands in their wrists and shoulders, then they shake their tails at each other to waft the smell. The Ring – Tailed Lemur is a Primate one of a group of Mammals that includes Humans, Apes, and Monkeys. Key Facts Scientific name Lemur Catta, Size head and body length up to 1.5 ft (46 cm) Tail length up to 2.

1 ft (63 cm). Diet Fruit, Leaves, Bark, Sap, Flowers, and Herbs. The kily of Tamarind tree makes up about half of their diet.

Vertebrates (Animals with a back bone) Fish Cold-blooded. Live in water and breathe with gills. Most lay eggs, though a few give birth to live young. Includes Bony Fish, Sharks, and Rays. Mammals Warm-blooded. Most have hair. With two exceptions (the Platypus and the Echidna lay eggs) Babies are born alive. Babies feed on their mothers milk.

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Birds Warm-Blooded. Most have feathers and wings and lay eggs. Most but not all, can fly. Birds are the direct descendants of the Dinosaurs. Reptiles Have scales and are cold-blooded. Breathe with lungs. Most live on land. A few bear live young most lay eggs.

Includes Snakes, Turtles, Lizards, Crocodiles, and Alligators. Amphibians Cold-blooded. Born in water. Young breathe with gills. Adults breathe with lungs and can live in water and on land. Includes Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders. Invertebrates (animals without a backbone). Insects The largest group of Animals.

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They have segmented bodies with a jointed, hard outer skeleton. Arachnids Live mainly on land but a few species live in freshwater environments. Almost all arachnids have eight legs. Mollusks Live in water and on land. They have soft bodies and often have hard shells. Some swim, Some crawl, and others are anchored in place. Includes Snails, Slugs, Clams and other Shellfish, Octopuses, Squid.

Echinoderms Live in the ocean. They have external, unjointed skeletons. They can movie, slowly. Includes Starfish, Sea Urchins, and Sea Cucumbers. Coelenterates Another primitive group of ocean animals. They have mouths and stinging tentacles. Some drift or swim, others do not move once they are grown. Includes Jellyfish. Corals, and Sea Anemones. Centipedes and Millipedes I remember that Millipedes and Centipedes are there own Animal Group but I can’t remember or find the name of it.

Crustaceans A Arthropod Group manly aquatic with some exceptions such as Pill bugs (Rollie Pollies). Includes Crabs, Lobster, Shrimp, Barnacle, Crawdad, and Rollie Pollies. Sponges A primitive group of Animals. Most live in saltwater. Young swim or drift but most adults are attached to the sea flour. They feed by filtering tiny plants and animals from the water. No brain, eyes, Mouth, or Circulatory system. Worms Live in water, on land, and as parasites inside other Animals. Most are mobile and have soft bodies. Includes Flatworms, Roundworms, Segmented Worms (Earthworms), Velvet Worms, and Rotifers. Total: to be found so far 1,367,765 Species

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