Endangered Essay Topics

Endangered Species Should Not Be Protected

Protection from extinction of endangered species has always been one of the more popular advocacies of environmentalists. So popular is this cause that any expression of indifference, or more than that, opposition, is certain to elicit a public uproar. This paper intends to argue against the protection of endangered species, citing three supporting arguments: (1)… View Article

Endangered species

The tiger being a native occupant of the Eastern and Southern Asia is endangered species. Six out of the nine subspecies of the tiger are endangered while the other three subspecies are already extinct according to the zoo attendant. The tiger species are endangered due to quite a number of reasons e. g. poaching, deforestation… View Article

Indigenous And Endangered

The problem on the protection of our forefathers is of great magnitude and of international concern. In Amnesty International’s article entitled, “Americas: Indigenous people at high risk of human rights violations” , it highlighted the laudable attempt of ten countries in the Americas to protect the rights of their indigenous peoples. In one way or… View Article