Company Description

Even during Brexit and down economy, people still need a coffee break. Caffeine drinks are the best booster for the whole day, even in leisure time, of course. To that end, I decided to open En- Joy’s, which will be a small cafe bar, sell-ing organic tea and coffee drinks, as well as homemade, fresh sandwiches and pancakes with different filling. The En-Joys will replace quick food / promotional / coffee stores and propose a much happier, better-learned decent coffee experience.


En-Joy’s caf? will be set up as a limited company with personal owner Radoslava Zankova. Mrs Zankova is with 6 years’ experience in the fast food business. She managed five full-time employees and heard additional experts to help keep the time busy. The person responsible for interview candidates, buy of materials and equipment, monitor economic information and help employees will be Mrs Zankova in the capacity of the owner and manager of the company.

Start-up summary

En-joy’s’s got 28 patrons ‘ seats.

The monthly rent is ? 2,350 and the rental agreement is three years. The caf? useful space is of 1,520 square feet and in-cludes a coffee bar, restroom, small kitchen space and storage at the back. A cus-tomized coffee bar must be kept. The costs of the renovation are ? 3,185 for materi-als purchased on sale and voluntary work. The facilities of the coffeehouse include two commercial espresso facilities (air pots, mixer, brake, coffee bins top loading, cold drink supplier, frothing facilities and microwave). The price of the appliance is ? 5,275. The meals consist of leather couches, chairs, coffee tables, bookcases and fitness facilities.

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Fitness facilities are included. Furnishing costs total ? 8,250. Facili-ties, furniture, rent deposit and marketing are other starting costs (around ? 4,800). The complete start-up costs are ? 23,860. Mrs Zankova will pay in money, from her savings, of which the remainder will go to the bank loan. Then, click Quill It button on the right of paraphrase.

Location and Facilities

The En – Joy’s will be one kind of coffee shop / bar located in Canary Wharf, London. 1, 520 square feet cafe will be situated in 5 park pavilion, 40 Canada Square E14 5FW, near ROKA Canary Wharf, close to both underground stations. This position of the cafe is wealthy as it can bring over 10,000 shoppers weekly.

You will be comforting to sit and read a book and drink your favourite cup with or-ganic coffee-fee / tea and you will be well equipped with brimming leather chairs and sofas. This caf? has a long history, but with Wireless and art coffee makers on the same technological wave.

Product and services

En- joy’s coffee bar will offer a wild range of organic tea and coffee. Some of the drinks we offer are pure detoxifying tea, green tea, black tea, as full herbal tea as well as macchiato, latte, black, espresso baristas coffees etc. Pancakes will be offered with cheese, ham, eggs, chocolate and jam, of course, all homemade.

Target market

We are caring, people to feel good when in our caf?. Sitting up or on the go they all matter. Canary Wharf is a busy area. Over 300,000 professionals work in that area, so our power will be concentrating on them.

Our Mission is to become customers favourite coffee shop.

Our Value

Promise, in all we do, we shall be passionate, helpful, open, sincere and grateful to all with fairness, regard and respect. The caf? will work with its staff to create powerful companies and a safe future.

Visual Identity


Since staff are still one of the biggest issues in the sector, En-Joy’s offer competitive salaries and generous advantages. The company will also provide flex, remote work and additional supplements to satisfy staff.

Local community

En- Joy will sponsor local sports teams for youth.


The company hires individuals from all backgrounds, ages and gender.


We use reused cups and save power on our machinery.


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Carry out market research to grow your company

The small research project “‘ Effect of Digitalisation En-Joy’s Caf? ” will be planned and formulated.

Research overview: A investigation is directed, which will assess the feasibility of the project. It will perform, how the travellers and clients will love the En- Joy’s caf?’, might be assess in this research of tiny scale. The operating budget will amount to ? 850.

Objective of research: In order to determine the benefits and efficiency of the company, this tiny research could be done. The aim of the studies is to find out how digital generation can alter company.

Methods used for my research: The main technique is used in my project. Two benefits include primary market research and secondary market research. The distinction between the two can be seen:

Data Collection: In this minor observe the participants will be the Canary Wharf visitors and En-Joy’s primary destination clients. I will put 100 human beings from which data to be collected. For the purpose of that can be used several methods. I decide to do face to face interview approach from travellers with underground and mail survey to the home-grown individuals.

Data Analysis: The data will be analysed after the required data has been collected by participants. The graphical presentation of graphs with the assistance of MS Ex-cel is available to perform the data analysis.

Research Questions: The following study questions will be posed to the survey participants to evaluate the feasibility of this project.

  • How happy are you with our fresh digital purchase service?
  • Do you believe that using digital technology at cafes will provide visitors with greater comfort? How does that happen?
  • You believe that you can advise us on our service? Let us know what, IF yes, kind-ly? and so on.

Here is the simple research looking:


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Ethical Dilemma Problem


The reason of my work is to discuss what Ethical dilemma is, what problems cause and how to solve them.

The decision we take for a conflict between two beliefs and none of them is right and exactable, we called that Ethical Dilemma or Paradox.

Ethical Dilemma problem

Ways of resolving the issue of ethical dilemmas:

  • Collection of data
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Identification of ethnic problems, ablutions of ethanol. “(WikiHow, 2018)

Making my decision on the ethical problem:

It was difficult to take that judgement, but following phases for dilemma solv-ing the problem, regarding my company values and moral, I think I took the right one. Before that, I made a lot of searches and analyses and made a list of benefits and disadvantages which might happen. Here are my notes.

Advantages: The website offer might help my company, give me more clients, more cash, more work and give my company rapid growth.

Breakthroughs: not match with company values. We appreciate our workers and couldn’t let to be treated badly. My employees might feel unhappy and unse-cured and may leave the business. Bad reviews of the business will harm its brand that can destroy employees and lose customers.

We decided not to discriminate under a Sex Discrimination Act (1975), a Dis-ability Discrimination Act (1995) or a Human Rights Act in the fields of diversity and equality policies. I must make my work unquestionable and the future candidate will be well preserved, offering the same opportunity irrespective of gender, age, gender, disability or anything else.


The choice was hard, an offer was a good chance for my business to grow quickly, but I didn’t doubt I couldn’t let my staff bully and treat them unwillingly. I choose to maintain my experts and my company’s respectable name, as it will make me lose more in the future.


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Legislation on diversity and inclusion, agreements for zero hours, working rights

Equality and Diversity

I made sure that every candidate, whatever their age, line, sex, sexual orien-tations, disabilities or culture or anything else that is discriminatory, was treated in a similar way and was offered the same range of possibilities. We control this in rela-tion to our Equality and Diversity strategy on equality (2010), human rights (1998), sex discrimination (1975), disability discrimination (1195), race relations (1976). This policy is covered by the Equality and diversity strategy.

Zero – Hour Contract

For persuade my caf? and offer to customers quality service. I have five em-ployees on full -term contracts, but as hearing and extra professionals in busy peri-ods only, had to offer different contracts which to suit them. From searches I made, and questioners gave to my workers every month, I found that some of them pre-ferred a zero-hours contract. That medium-sized employee is not obliged to acknowledge any offer, nor is it obliged to offer minimum working hours. It still does not matter how many hours experts did my business provides the National Mind Wage payment.

“The zero-hour Regulation on 26 May 2015 provides for fresh exclusive terms

  • It is unlawful for an employee to cancel all employment and cause a loss for the business as they work for another employer.
  • If someone is rejected due to a further contract, the contract will be halted. “(ACAS, 2016)

The null-hour agreement could only occur depending on the clause if there is work.

Employment Rights

All the privileges which operative have are shown on ‘Employment Rights Act 1996’. It is a huge amount of information which is impossible to be put in my as-signment. Here are some points, which En- Joy’s is covering, followed the Act from 1996.

  • Employees are getting Annual Leave, National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage.
  • Need to provide working hours written in contract but not more than 48 per week.
  • Are shielded from illegal discrimination.
  • If the time work is part of, it will not be less favoured
  • Even when the agreement is reached, if accrued or conducted, the business will still pay the vacation.

More information about employment rights is available from


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Describe the assets, liabilities, costs and earnings of your company.


“An investment is any resource owned by the company in economic accounting. Tangible assets and intangible resources “(Wikipedia, 2018)

  • Solid (tangible) assets are long-lasting, business-held, but not for sale. Ex-ample: equipment, land, construction, vehicle.
  • Current (immaterial) money can be readily converted. Examples: inventory, office provision.

En- Joy’s fixed assets can be coffee espresso machine, blender, microwave, brew-er, cold drink dispensers etc. Current assets will be all drinks seized and sandwich-es and pancakes fresh.


This is the amount that the firm owes to a supplier or to any business that is in-volved in debt (bank, loan, credit service). Account accounting liabilities may be reg-istered. Have a unique type of liability.

  • Currently, the need to be paid within one year is short-term.
  • Long-lasting non-current and after one year and more payments are neces-sary.
  • Depending on the event, the contingent is dependent on it; it can or cannot occur.

En- Joy’s current liabilities are ?4,000 owed to the bank in order to a bank loan.


That is fetch of merchandise administrations, supplies and settled resource which diminish commerce holdings or other words the employees we used to pay or to cost to manage our company.

En Joy’s costs: beverages, coffee beans, fresh vegetables and all raw foods, sala-ries, fuel, uniforms, mobile phone products, advertising, food, car tags etc. must be paid for. En Joy’s expense:


These are money earned by business for selling goods or provide services. For my company En- joy’s that will be the price of every single coffee/tea, pancakes and sandwiches as other drinks and diaries. For example, normal espresso will cost ?2.50

If the company does not have enough money to pay its by-products, this can cause issues with cash flow.

Investment and unexpected taxation are the primary drawback for my com-pany. All my expenses are hard to cover, and some services remain unpaid. My business owes all cash to a commercial debtors account in which I can locate the precise amounts I have to pay. It will be necessary to see if I have enough funds to pay the bill to prevent cash flow issues. The’ cash flow declaration’ and good man-agement demonstrate it.


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