Employment Essay Topics

Employment Search

My first step in finding a job consists in determining the position that I want and its required classifications. After having determined that I want a post as a teacher aide, I have to research about the requirements of prospective employers, specifically as to educational background and work experience. I also need to learn about… View Article

Employment Relations

The dynamic nature of the business environment and the increasing global competition has prompted business owners as well as other stakeholders to pay more attention to the area of employment relations. This can be attributed to the increased level of awareness regarding the relationship between employment relations and productivity . Management teams in most organizations… View Article

Employment Agency

Founding a particular organization requires a definite goal and utilities in order to achieve that objective. And since organizations need to have reliable staff and people who will function as the primary facilitator to execute the goals, then employing a group of credible individuals will benefit the organization. An agency can easily find the right… View Article

Employee Relations – Trade Unions

In the early days of capitalism employers, in their struggle for maximum profits, were able to act with almost complete ruthlessness in their treatment of workers. They could take advantage of every rise of unemployment or inflow of immigrant workers to reduce wages to a bare minimum, using the lock-out if necessary to starve workers… View Article

Juvenile Probation Officers

All Juvenile Probation Officers (JPO) are required to complete 40 working hours per week following a flexible work schedule. JPOs are entitled to paid working holidays which includes, but are not limited to, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Please note that in the occasion that the… View Article

Background check of hiring employee

In nowadays, background check of hiring employee is practicing by almost all agencies. Point is that, the skills of the applicant can be, somehow, figured out. It is much more difficult to assess the level of trust, honesty, mental toughness, and loyalty. Reading through chapter 9, and conducting a slight research, my answers to the… View Article

Characteristic of Good Co-Worker

When you work at a company, your colleagues obviously constitute an important factor that conduce to an interesting or horrible job. As far as I’m concerned, a great colleague is an enthusiastic, responsible, and friendly person. To begin with, I believe that an enthusiastic worker will not only accomplish his or her tasks quickly but… View Article

Human Resources: Training and Development

First, training programs that serve employees are beneficial because they have a proven value and added significance to companies. Employee orientation is one type of training. It is absolutely necessary for new employees in any organization. Without the orientation/training process many things can and do take place that are a risk and have negative impact… View Article

Child Labour

Lots has been said about child labour and in these reports there are clearly stated concerns about the effects of child labour on children‘s academic performance and its long run impact on human capital development. Situations where children of school going age are engaged in active work, does it at the expense of school. The… View Article

Pluralist and the System Theories

In the essay below I will try to unveil and discuss the view that in the modern societies the pluralist and the system theories are the mostly widely used theories to explain employment relationships. Industrial relations refer to processes and outcomes involving employment relationships. The term industrial relations is usually used for employment relationships involving… View Article

Overworked and Underpaid: The Life of a Servant

$2. 85 cannot even buy one gallon of regular gas, who could imagine that that is my hourly wage. Waitresses and housekeepers are stereotypically female roles, however, people are unaware of what’s behind the smile. My jobs as a housekeeper and waitress are both tough because of the lack of pay, customer service, and dirtiness…. View Article

Huksley Maquiladora

1. PROBLEM STATEMENT Huxley Manufacturing Co. is an engineering company and possesses cutting-edge technology in raw material processing and part assembling. The main customer for Huxley is the US defense department. In recent years many factors were changing. Increase in the costs involved for R&D, higher “knowledge intensity” of defense products and reduced allocation by… View Article

Human Resources Management – Downsizing

I. Introduction In this era of globalisation, where the competition in the market has become drastic, human capital is deemed to be the most important factor to the integration as well as strategy of enterprises among any other factors (Waddel, Cummings, & Worley, 2007). Since retaining and sustaining workforce is undeniably crucial to corporate integration,… View Article

The Review of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction represents one of the most complex areas facing today’s managers when it comes to managing their employees. Many studies have demonstrated an unusually large impact on the job satisfaction on the motivation of workers, while the level of motivation has an impact on productivity, and hence also on performance of business organizations. Unfortunately,… View Article

How to Use so Called 360-Degree Performance Appraisals for Improving Job Performance

Performance appraisals are essential for the effective management and evaluation of employees. The 360-degree feedback is one of the applications of performance management. As it is mentioned in the textbook, “The 360-degree feedback approach involves collecting performance information not just from the supervisor but from anyone else who might have firsthand knowledge about the employee’s… View Article

Labor Laws of Vietnam

I. Overview Vietnam is known for being a disciplined, hard-working, and fast-learning population. Traditions emphasizing learning and respect for authority as well as low wages and a high adult literacy rate are often cited by investors as among one of the most attractive aspects of the country’s investment environment (Treutler &Kien, 2010). The Labour Code… View Article

Three roles of the leadership model

Manager, mediator, and mentor are leadership roles that assist individuals in various areas of an organization. These roles are an important part of the organization by productively meeting goals and influencing teamwork among employees. A manager’s job is to give out tasks to employees and make sure those tasks are completed at a reasonable time…. View Article

The Lemon Tree Dilemma

The website EEOC.gov should be a bookmarked site for any individual who is working as or plans to work as a manager in a business with more than one (i.e., the owner) employee. This website contains the information that the federal government expects companies and businesses to use and follow with respect to hiring, firing,… View Article

The Sobering Truth by Joe Hodowanes: Article Analysis

There are seven common mistakes people make when preforming job-searches. The first mistake people make is to tell a potential employer you left your last position of employment due to personal differences with you and your boss. The next mistake someone makes is not bragging about what you can do and why this company needs… View Article

Staffing Strategy

1.) Acquire or Develop Tangle wood is a primarily a general retail outlet with so many branches stores in different country. I recommend that instead of developing talent, well its better if we will focuses on acquiring it.Tanglewood should take on the talent development approach. Acquiring from within is always a good way to maintain… View Article

Employment Law

1. On Friday March 16, 2012 14 workers of the Elizabeth R. Wellborn law firm in Deerfield Beach FL were fired for wearing the color orange to work. During the course of the work day the 14 employees were called into a conference room and told by management that they had interpreted the practice as… View Article

Google the Best Company

The competition is steep for any company seeking to become one of the Best, and certainly for any company that shows up in the #1 slot. Yet Google chose a great role model to help them create the special culture that has supported their success. While definitely creating and following their own path, leaders at… View Article


1. Using your adopted business or current place of employment as your primary example, please answer the following question. Do you think that most people are satisfied or dissatisfied with their work? What factors primarily contribute to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction? Using my current place of employment, I am going to say that I think… View Article

Aging Workforce in Singapore

Populations in many developed countries are ageing, and Singapore is no exception. The first batch of post-war baby boomers will reach 65 years of age by 2012. The number of seniors will increase from 8.4% in 2005 to 18.7% in 2030 (refer to Table 1). According to the 2010 Population Report, The proportion of residents (i.e…. View Article

Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike had been a corporate success story for more than three decades. It was a sneaker company, but one armed with an inimitable attitude, phenomenal growth, and the apparent ability to dictate fashion trends to some of the world’s most influential consumer. Selling a combination of basic footwear and street-smart athleticism,… View Article

Training provides workers with skills needed in the workplace

However, many organizations have dynamic environments in which change is the norm. How can training requirements be identified when job duties are a moving target? There are three ways to approach training in dynamic and rapidly changing environments. First, the company can focus on those aspects of the job that are not changing; usually not… View Article

Employee Portfolio Summary

In week two, I had my sister and a friend take the assessments that I completed on myself last week. I enjoyed comparing the results that we all came up with. Each one of us was strong in certain areas and weaker in others. This is why it is important at a job to perform… View Article

Study Abroad-Summary

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting and challenging experience students usually have during their college years. It may be the first time a student will experience many thinks like live in a new different Culture, travel internationally, learning a foreign language. It will help them to do a makeover and give them the… View Article

Promotion: Performance vs Seniority

According to the latest statistics published in the New York Times a 70 percent of the American workers think that promotions have to be based on performance rather than promotions by seniority. The first thing that needs to be said is that it is a personal decision. In my opinion, promotions have to be based… View Article