Employment Search Essay

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Employment Search

My first step in finding a job consists in determining the position that I want and its required classifications. After having determined that I want a post as a teacher aide, I have to research about the requirements of prospective employers, specifically as to educational background and work experience. I also need to learn about the school I want to work for, such as its specializations and inclinations.

This would take about a week of research through the Internet, resource persons and legwork. The information gathered by doing the above steps would be essential in developing my resume and job application letter, which should sell myself as the best applicant for the job. Thus, my cover letter would reflect the research I’ve done about the prospective employer, which should impress him. I would send my resumes and cover letter within 1-2 days.

Thereafter, I would wait for a reasonable period within which to wait for a call from prospective employers. After such waiting period, I would send out follow-up letters to ask about the status of my job application, in order to let them know I am very interested in landing the job. Finally, I would arrive at my job interviews according to the way they are scheduled by prospective employers, careful not to be tardy.

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