Employment Law and Compliance Plan Essay

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Employment Law and Compliance Plan

Atwood and Allen Consulting Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Atwood and Allen Consulting Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company has been established to providetransportation to public. The first step is recruitment and selection of prospective new employees that will organize and man the business.

The Human Resource Department must explore resources to find right candidates. Recruitment and selection team must addressing the job responsibilities and scope of work of each new position. The staffing process is normally divided into recruitment phase and the selection phase. Recruitment is the searching and attracting of job seekers and the selection is the part job seekers are chosen to get the offer to fill the vacant position.

The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company first step is planning human resource. Develop policies, system, procedure and goal setting and method of performance appraisal. Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company interviews should have standard company operating procedures and recruitment policies that take care of the recruitment process. These policy, systems, procedures were prepared and approved by Bradley Stonefield. It will be reviewed yearly to ensure compliance to new laws and new business environment or requirement. The Human Resource will periodically review and assess the current and futurehuman resource requirements.The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company formal recruitment process begins when Bradley Stonefield decide or announce the start of the operation of his business.

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Bradley Stonefield makes that decision because he will have to finance the whole endeavor or business. HR staff initiates the request and documentation. The recruitment request will be evaluated by Bradley Stonefield. He will take several factors in consideration in making his evaluation together with his HR staff. Among the factors he will have to consider are postings, the requirements, the financial constraint, and so forth. Once he approved the recruitment process it will be a go to implement. The job description and person specification is to be prepared by HR staff in consultationwith Bradley Stonefield. These will contain the details of duties and responsibilities to be performed by the selected individual.

The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company will advertise the job opening in major media of mass circulation and community service bulletins. The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company will shortlist candidates for interview. If the applicant meets all the essential criteria defined in the job description the next process is the interview phase. The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company will conduct a two part interview sessions two sessions for drivers. First is the personality, background, skillset interview, which is the preliminary interview. This also includes the authentication of driver’s license and drug test. Before the preliminary interview start, the candidates are required to fill application form. It will contain information such as the applicant’s personal biodata, job experiences, and reason for leaving previous employment.

Successful candidates in the first interview will be required to come back for the second interview. Bradley Stonefield and HR staff will make decision who to hire. All candidates will be asked the same questions and will be presented the same situational scenario or event. All questions will be job related to determine the suitability of the applicant to the position being filled out, whether that is a limousine driver or customer service receptionist The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company policies will serve as a guideline and administer the company employment process. The hiring procedure ensures that the most qualified candidates is selected. Bradley Stonefield uses a rigorous recruitment and selection process, which complies to the equal opportunity policy.

The Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company recruitment strategies in vital in finding top talent. The recruitment strategies that are implemented by Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company are as follows: 1.) Recruiting through Internet. One of the advantages of using the internet is that it is easily accessible by anyone. 2.) Referrals. Recommended by friends, colleagues, acquaintances. 3.) Advertisements. Advertise job vacancies in the of newspapers great circulation. Again, it is extremely important that the selection process be evaluated regularly to verifyand confirm that the right applicants or employees have been selected or chosen. If Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company if the company has significant turnover in a given position, the process of recruitment and selection must be changed.

People are a major component of any business, and the management of people (or human resource management, HRM) is a major part of every manager’s job. It is also the specialized responsibility of the HR department. HRM involves five major areas: staffing, retention, development, adjustment, and managing change. Together they compose the HRM system, for they describe a network of interrelated components. The HRM function is responsible for maximizing productivity, quality of work life, and profits through better management of people. Hiring manager, like Bradley Stonefield, must focus on recruiting activities aimed at attracting the right candidates for the job. Based on the needs and forecasts for future needs, Bradley Stonefield will need to direct his efforts toward the best option for recruiting the right candidates. For instance, focusing on traditional newspaper advertisements is appropriate for driver positions with the Bradley Stonefield Limousine Service Company.

Selecting the right candidate requires identifying the specific skills, knowledge and qualities you seek and desire in a worker. This can pertain to the necessary skills and knowledge for the position itself, such as a specific degree or certification, and the desired personal qualities, such as a preference to hire employees with good moral and ethical standards. Other important parts of the selection process include conducting any necessary aptitude tests and conducting a thorough background check to ensure the employee meets the basic qualifications of both the position and the company.

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