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Employment and Dual Career Couples Essay

The organizations who are hire spouses can decrease unemployment rate. Nowadays, one of them is not working, but they have qualification to get the position in the organization. So, when one of them who are working in organization can suggests to the employer to recruit their partner in the same organization. Then, the employer can consider the suggestions and he or she can recruit spouses for working based on vacancies and qualification of the job in the organization. 2) Reduce the loss of qualified workers

Nowadays, many educated, professional men are choosing to marry educated, professional women instead of traditional housewives, companies are faced with the prospect of losing qualified employees when a spouse gets a new job in another city or is transferred. One way to avoid dealing with a spouse’s unpredictable employment situation is to employ the couple. This strategy is particularly popular in universities and laboratories in which both spouses are chemists or both are professors. Some companies are even able to employ couples in different careers, one in an accounting department and one in a legal department, for example.

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By employing the couple, companies can control the risk of losing an employee due to a spouse’s changing situation. 3) Create a new functions in organization The organization hires the spouses or parents will help to create a new function of business into their organization. For example, the organization can establish child center or nursery. At the same time, it can create a new job such as babysitter. 4) Increase the income When hiring the dual-career couples in the organization it can increase the income of the spouses.

This spouses who are working hard to get an education and enter into high-paying jobs are completely focused on their careers, which raises the chances that they will be well compensated for their skill set. 5) Assume two-career couples as individual workers in organization Some companies shy away from hiring dual-career couples because of concern over the couple’s performance. Some companies do not want to get stuck employing one “weak” employee just to hold on to the “stronger” partner. Companies may also fear complaints from other employees regarding special treatment for spouses who are unqualified for their positions.

Your company can avoid this by ensuring dual-career couples that they will be treated as individuals at the workplace. Each partner will be held entirely accountable for his or her performance and one partner will not be allowed to negotiate for a better position or higher salary for the other partner. Likewise, one partner will not be held accountable for the other partner’s mistakes. 6) Reduce a discrimination to women Although traditionally women are held responsible for childcare and household affairs whether they work or not, this is not fair to either men or women in the workforce.

So some companies offer benefits such as paid leave, flexible hours and child care services without regard to gender. Only offering child care leave to women places the burden of child care exclusively on women employees and prevents male employees from participating in child care in their own homes. This causes stress to employees and families and can result in women being discriminated against. Potential liabilities 1) Organization are losing productivity and employees Organizations are losing productivity and employees because of the demands of family life.

The study found that among the 400 working parents surveyed, problems with child care were the most significant predictors of absenteeism and low productivity. 2) Poor communication When the employer gives the different task to this spouse, they are not satisfied when not placed together in a group assignment. So, they feel uncomfortable when given difference task and make a problem for them in completing the assignment. As a result, the assignment cannot be solved and their job performance decreased. Question 2

Many of the services for dual-career couples and parent employees are provided by large corporations that have far greater financial resources than smaller companies. Identify and discuss potential with a small company’s HRM function can alleviate the challenges facing employees who are parents and employees with working spouses. Nowadays, there have a total of workforce is comprised of dual career couples with many of them having children, the need for Human Resource Departments to provide services that both alleviate time conflicts and also promote a healthy lifestyle balance is critical.

For small companies in particular, the challenge of retaining dual career couples is compounded by the need for first retaining top talent when larger organizations with a broader range of family care services, in addition to staying competitive in their markets while giving employees flexibility in taking care of their families. While smaller companies may find competing on benefits alone will be difficult, the one advantage they do have is flexibility and a closer management of time for dual career couples with families.

First, smaller companies can create a telecommunication policy that will allow workers to work from home while at the same time being able to take care of their families. A telecommunication policy is commonplace in larger organizations and could significantly increase productivity for workers who may need to be home when their children are sick. A small company also can builds a nursery to keep the employee welfare, to run the nursery the organization used a lot of money. So, the HRM department should collect the fees from their employee to cover the nursery. The parents pay the fees through payroll deduction.

This program enables to people to share a job on a part-time basis and is major boon to spouses who want to continue their careers while raising children. The program also reduced turnover and the absenteeism, boosted morale, and helped achieve affirmative action objectives. Generally, every spouse has their own problem. Sometimes they are not settling the problem at the home, and they take along the problem into the workplace. Besides that, they also have another problem at the workplace and will cause their performance decreased because the two problems are mix together.

In this case, we need a counseling session to solve their problem. Question 3 Suppose that a dual-career couple involves spouses who are at different career stages. Does this situation pose problems for the couple? For the organization or organization employing them? Discuss. No, because some of the benefits could be that it may be easier to find two positions of different levels rather than two positions of the same level. While with this scenario you do loose the shared responsibilities and job requirements.

In some academic fields it may also lead to a mentor type relationship, which for some is ideal, and for the organization could mean that you get more years for your hire. For example if you have the 40 year old professor who is well established and the spouse who is younger and less established they can mentor under the other and when one retires you still have the second to work for more years. Besides that, a dual-career couple involves spouses who are at different career stages they can understand each other and can help to solve their problem in the workplace.

Proponents assert that couple who works for the same share the same goal, are often more committed to the company, and are more willing to work longer hours. Hiring couples helps attract and keep top employees, and relocations are also easier for the couples and to the company. Besides that, they also can share and change the information. If one the spouses has a high position he or she will help the spouses who face difficulties in completing the task. So they can collaborate and discuss in solving the task.

Next, the performance of the subordinate spouse can be increased and will help boost the company’s performance. The organization also has workforce diversity. The organization will get the advantages when hiring dual career couples because they have a different skill, ability, knowledge and other characteristic can help organization the achieve the goals. They can come out with a new strategies and tactics that will support the need of organization. So, it always have an advantages in compete with other organization and a good change will happen in every stage or phase in achieve their objective.

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