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Employers tender documents have some significant work guidance activates which is designed by Employers from department according to their planned work activities and instructions to the contractors . Contractor’s rights, duties, police and strategies, responsibilities according to the management plan is followed by the contractors. This also explains the scope of business and guidance to the contractors according to project. It also explains how work will be conducted according to planning organizing, controlling functions.

Provision of resources, machinery plant, bonus, rewards and other benefits .

Documents also enables contractors to price the work requirements. They submit bid to employer. It is also depend on employer to accept or reject the offer. Acceptance of offer becomes a business contract. Tender documents will become contract documents according to law. Department managers conduct a survey and having complete knowledge and experience for nature of construction work. They make decisions for various documents used for business tendering. Contractors price their work requirement and submit an offer to employer or and sign a legal contract of work.

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Documents used for construction Tender

According to research important documents used for technical purpose and also used in the administration purpose to evaluate contractors work progress for construction work. We can classify and explain some documents mention below for our construction business contract , drawings, specifications and bills of quantities , Health and Safety Rules, provision of Transport or vehicles, Place, Advertisement , Engineering and research services and explanation of their activities of construction work.

Tender Invitation

According to Hackett, Tendering and contract, department management send a request online or in newspaper to submit bids for the project.

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This letter information have proposed plan of construction work activities to contractors.

Documents required should be requested and deadline for the return of tenders also explained and submitted.( Brook, Estimating and Tendering for construction work).

Tender Form

It is contractual offer to carry out the works identified in other tender documents of quoted price. Furthermore, a binding contract of offer to carry out work requirements.


Quality drawings and detail for work activities described in tender documents. Furthermore location, address, floors, area, engineering work for contractor to measure and construct the work. Town map and location of walls also part of plan. (Hackett, Robinson and Statham)

Bills of quantities and Specification

Quality of material, standard and its specifications is also described deeply in the contractors’ documents. Cost and factory overhead expenses, price also explained in the documents. Detailed and performance specification (Ashworth Cost Studies and building).

Health and safety rules

According to Hacket a plan is explained to tendering contractors to have understanding and knowledge of site rules and regulations. It is also management responsibilities to arrange a meeting during daily routine work activities. Furthermore, movement of material and operational supplies H&S to building construction work.

Emergency procedure

Another important factor is emergency procedure followed by all contractors is emergency procedure during fire or plant breakdown. According to online research managers also explain full procedure furing the contract according to plan.

Pricing documents

Documents enables employers to describe how contractor breakdown their tender price. It is analysis or pricing schedules documents and detailed pricing proposals.


Employer to clearly set out his requirements to enable contractor to produce a suitable design. Requirements to provide tendering contractor a clear idea of construction work. Building structure, function, size, room’s accommodation, material quality, and factory overhead cost. Architecture plan is also explained in between plan and technical information authorities.(Dper,)

Appointment of experienced manager to monitor construction work according to strategy, formulization, implementation, evaluation after coordination, from government departments.(Robbins, Management).

Produce a diagram describing the total valuation process for a given production project.

According to regeneration act research, there are stages for the payments to party to a construction contract. All the construction contains a provision of interim payments.

Valuation payments and criteria under interim payments are made.

It is also explained the payment timings. Administrative rules which are undertaken for the valuation process.

Interim valuation is also related to interim certificates. It also allows interim payments will be made in future. It is also prepared by contractor that put application for payment of work. This document is verified by the administrator. Furthermore, also assigns work to the cost consultant. They visit the site and check the work has been completed in shape of measurement. This process of interim payments is easy for the contractor to pay cash in instalments.

Contractor application is also depend on the type of contract, all the activities of schedules, its percentage of fluctuation achieved. Furthermore milestones reached on pre planned contract programme.

All measurements against the bill of quantities monitored by specialised staff of management.

The dates are set for the payments from contractors.

All the work package and preliminary cost and its fixed cost, insurance expenses and electricity expenses ,factory overhead are estimated as compared for profits estimation.


A variant bid is where tender departs from the original specifications. It also has some alternatives solutions. You must not authorise variants if you did not state in contract notice they would be permitted. Employer must only consider variant bids that meet the stated minimum requirements.

Extension of time: Another factor from the subcontractors is time, which is planned on sheets. Managers can extend contractor or subcontractor time during project work. Budgeting, scheduling and system analysis, analysis of engineering services variations are estimated through different techniques.

Negotiated agreement:

General condition is indirect costs generally related to contractors on site.

It also create construction environment

  • price for site personnel
  • office establishment
  • equipment and safety officers
  • First aid equipments

Types of constraction contracts

The parties

  • the work as described by plans and specification
  • The Price and payment, its conditions

Stipulated lump-Sum contract

  • Contractor will perform work for lump sum fixed
  • Quality and scope of works
  • Risk of savings is discussed between owner and contractor
  • No additional cost
  • Construction management as agency

Design and build contract agreement

  • Design work for construction entity
  • No issues with constructability
  • Owner budget risk

Unit Price

  • Unit price of raw material and labour from contactors estimated.
  • Scope and total price of construction

Construction management Risk

  • Qualification of contractor
  • Design phase and contractor involvement
  • Cost and fee

Construction management as agency

  • Consultancy and management policies of managers.
  • Agreements with subcontractor, Coordination and communication.
  • Role of International federation of Consulting Engineers.
  • It is most widely used standard used by World Bank, EBRB
  • FIDIC contracts, red book/construction

Yellow book/ design/build

Silver book/ turnkey work

Green book/ short form contract

Gold book/ design and construct and operation

White book/ project management.

Budgeting, Estimating cost for building.,

Scheduling: It is a list of work dates including walls, roof will be water proof. Ground will be broken. Creating works program, development of design, government approval and pre construction dates.

Building system analysis:

Constructability review

It is also review periodically on Gant chart, regular work performance.

Review plans and specifications, Life cycle costing

Award Criteria

Employer must award the contracts on the basis of economically advantage tender, it is also assessed on the basis of price, its quality and ratio analysis is used to evaluate results.

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