Employee Welfare Measures Questionnaire Essay

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Employee Welfare Measures Questionnaire

Dear Recruiter,

Request you to please fill in the questionnaire and help me understand the labour laws compiled in your organisation that will help me to produce factual data to my project.

Project Topic: Employee welfare measures followed in small textile units in Bhiwandi city

Please be rest assured about maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

Your timely help will be highly appreciated.


Govind R Sharma
Pondicherry University

Compliance of labours laws & Employee welfare measures


Please fill the column where information sought and reply the questions asked in Yes/ No type question

Total employee strength of your company

Type of company (Proprietary/ Pvt. Ltd./ Ltd/ listed)

Strength of HR team in organization

Company type (Indian/ Indian MNC/ Foreign based MNC)

Does your company follow Industrial Dispute Act?

Does your Organization make deduction to all employees as per ESI Act?

Does your Organisation Make Deduction as per PF & MIsc Act?

Does your organization follow Maternity Benefit Act, Payment of Wages Act and Payment of Minimum Wages Act?

Does your organization follow all the procedures laid down in Factories Act & Shops and Establishment Act?

Do you pay equal remuneration to both male and female employees ?

Do you think that all the rules laid down on above mentioned Act are employer and employee friendly?

What is the amount of Bonus you usually pay to your employees?

Do you think that there should be only 5 days working or the daily working hours should not exceed 8 hours or 48 hours in a week?

Please mention the various employee welfare programme in your organization beside of those made compulsory by various labour legislation.

What is the grievance handling mechanism followed in the organization?

What is your view that a small organization having employee strength of 10-30 people cannot implement employee welfare measures as per the prescribed Act or beyond the purview of the Act? Please specify in brief.

How many times the Factory Inspector, labour inspector, PF commissioner or officials/ ESI officers visit your organization? Are you happy with their inspection work? Are they employer and employee friendly or believe in making money only?

What is the maximum duration any employee stay in your organization? Do you allow them to work in your company more than 5 years? After completing 5 years in your organization, whenever they leave your organization, do you provide them any extra monetary benefits? If yes, please specify the amount.

Apart from the salary, what other benefits you provide to your employees?

Do you think that providing too many benefits to employees lead to industrial unrest hence they should kept within certain limit? Justify your answer please.

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