Employee Volunteer Program Essay

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Employee Volunteer Program

Employee volunteer program is a major part of the Corporate Citizenship profile that has become an intrinsic agenda of many successful companies, who understand the value of community service and are ready to contribute their resources in its various forms to such gesture. This is because the importance of employee development is overwhelming: it extends to the company, the employee and the community in which the program is launched.

This concept of employee volunteer program describes a situation a company sets a mission statement and proposes goals with a view to contributing to the community in which they live, by getting their employee involved in charity, giving, and community services. These seeming philanthropic activities are targeted at a particular community, usually that which the company serves with its products and services.

This agenda is an indispensable program for excellent companies: it is important because it contributes to the Corporate Citizenship Outlook of the company which is promoted among the members of such community. A detailed look at the benefits of the plan has made intelligent company leaders and boards to incorporate it into their company’s mission statement. Really, the importance of corporate social responsibility can not be overemphasized. The benefits are enormous: it is a win-win situation for all.

The employees, if well incorporated into the agenda, are strengthened in human relationships, and there is increased employee loyalty. Loyalty is fast promoted when the program recognizes, acknowledges and duly appreciates employee contribution to the company. The company social image is promoted because of such programs. It increases its ability to penetrate the society, and convince it of its products or services; it also makes the organization ‘ a good corporate citizen’. Communities benefit directly from the program: there is associated development.

A section of the society is improved through the charity, giving and other forms the program could have taken. Everyone smiles home. And this impact makes the community another marketable centre for the organization, and an extension of its advertising unit. Its benefits outweigh its costs. However, those are also very important as it makes a decision to incorporate such a balanced one: the financial implications are enormous since it is usually a charity parade. This is one of the major costs that the company battles with.

It is only with effective communication that employees see the need for it; otherwise, it won’t achieve it set goals. This implies that companies should be ready to create a viable structure for it, fund such and promote it even to the employees that would be involved. Since it is a volunteer, it stands the risk of non-compliance if this structure and communication are not in place. However, employee volunteer program promotes the Company, its employee and the community served. It is a good agenda for a corporate social responsibility.

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