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Employee Training and Management Essay

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It is healthy for the operation of the business to have, although not that frequent, an evaluation of our co-employee/s for the betterment of the organization as a whole. With this, the company could attain its goals with fewer hindrances and achieve impressive growth in a shorter period of time. This paper aims to have a Coaching and Performance Improvement Analysis to my CEO, to whom I work as a secretary, in order to provide us with facts on how our CEO influence his subordinates as well as on the manner he fulfill his duties in the company.

I have been a secretary to the CEO in our company for about ten years and I think that span of staying here is enough for me to give criticism or opinion regarding the professionalism of my bosses with regards to performing his duties and responsibilities. The current CEO of the company has been in his position for about 6 months. Since he is the one responsible for almost all of the operational details of the company, it is a must for us to know how competitive he is.

The future of the company depends on him and any incompetence could lead to any losses not only to the company but as well as to the employees.

During the recent months, the company has been experiencing down turns in the sales and profits. Even if the various units of the company are doing their job well, still, our target market continuous declines every single day. After conducting the investigation, the company officials found out that the problem boils down to the office of the CEO. The specific problem would be the CEO of the company took a couple of time planning for the instructions that must be given to the various units of the company as well as forwarding them to the vice-presidents of various units.

Basically, the officers of the various units know the problem exists that is why they conducted an investigation to pin point the root of the problem. They also know the performance expectation that a CEO must fulfill in order to lead such complex company that covers wide operational services. This action caused delays in the daily operation of the business, thus, made the customers disappointed with the current performance of the company which before leads the market with providing delivery services to most of the cities in America.

There are no hindrances outside the organization/team’s control that affects the performance of the CEO. Coaching Analysis Flow Chart This flow chart is being used as a strategic tool used to find out if we have to proceed in the performance improvement process and to identify the extent to which we can proceed in the performance improvement process. This is being used mainly to assist in the performance improvement process (Brocato).

I believe that the problem is worth solving at since it already concerns the future of the business with regards to its performance to the market. The CEO of any company is the one that is responsible for the delicate operations aspects of the business and the source of most of the decisions that should be done by various units in order to achieve their goals and growth to have market stability. If this problem would not be solve, there will come a time wherein customers would no longer avail the services of the company, thus, could cause much more problem to the company.

The competition now a day in the industry of delivery services is very tight due to the profitability in this type of business. Companies such as UPS and DHL are just a few of the threats to the company that needed much attention. With this, there is no room for any errors or incompetence on the part of any members of the company. Stockholder of the company could pull out their shares due to the risks involving the stability of the organization. It is much better it this problem would be treated right away so as to avoid any further complications and losses.

The postponement in the imposition of the CEO with the specific plans per unit of the business cause delays in the operational process of the organization as a whole, specifically, the plan for the imposition of new delivery strategies to compete with the emerging delivery companies in the market. As based from the behavior of the market for the past years, they tend to easily shift their loyalty to those companies that can offer services that conform to their needs and type of living (Killoran). In short, innovative products’ are the one that gains market acceptance.

Therefore, it is a must for the company to be on time with the delicate operational aspects of the organization so as not to be over shadowed by other companies belonging to the same industry. Every step in the operational process is important and requires constant observation on the part of the CEO so as to have a basis in conducting plans and strategies for the company. Therefore, it is a must to have a competitive and efficient CEO for the company to achieve their goals and stability in the market. The CEO fails to make new strategy regarding the imposition of an innovative delivery strategy that would attract more customers.

The only reason that I can see here for the incompetence of the new CEO is his lack of experience. Six months in the position would not be enough for him to familiarize himself with the regular operations of the business and on what is the market trend in the economy. The CEO of the company also did become extra confident with the market status of the company during the years before his assume the position of being the CEO. Because of this, he was not able to maintain the stability of the company and only cause chaos in the financial as well as to the sales of the company.

Stockholders panicked because of the undertakings of the CEO as well as his performance with regards to performing its functions well. We can now see the effect of having an incompetent person handling a very delicate position of in an organization. The stake of the stockholders, employees and the clients that put their trust to the company for many years is in danger. With regards to the job structure of the organization, I believe that his roles and involvement to various aspects of operations has contributed to his inefficiency as the top manager of the organization.

I believe that he is not yet ready to shoulder many responsibilities and must delegate some task to middle and lower level managers. His role as the main icon of the organization requires him to appear in public to represent the whole organization could also be a contributing factor for him not to finish his responsibilities well. During the recent months, he had to travel to some places in America to generate additional stockholder to finance the plan of expanding the company into some states in America.

With this, he spends less time in his office while the employees of the organization wait for the next step that they will do. This is one of the disadvantages of an organization that relies most on their CEO; they lack initiatives to make suggestions for their respective areas of concern so as to lessen the responsibility of their top manager. Moreover, having initiative to plan for the welfare of the middle managers area of concern helps they develop their abilities since they have to use their creativity in making strategies and decisions.

If they only follow the command of the CEO and not suggesting other strategies with which they think more beneficial than with the plan of the CEO, then, the organization would really become stagnant and can be considered as a “one-man-team” organization. As for the managerial behavior, the CEO of the organization lacks the ability to encourage his subordinates to use their creativity to make plans regarding some small aspects of the operation of the business.

With this, the responsibility of the CEO would be lessened and can now concentrate to more delicate aspects of the operation of the organization. On the subject of the personality of the CEO towards the fulfillment of his responsibilities, I think, this overconfidence regarding the organization has leaded the company to this problematic situation. Because of this personality of the CEO, his concentration towards the attainment of the organizational goal is not that enough for the customers avail our services.

Regarding the question on whether the proposed solution of delegating some responsibilities to lower and middle level managers, I think that it would only costs less time and money since the implementation of this strategy will only affect a small part of the time of those managers. Besides, they are the one must know what is happening in their area of concern, thus, they have most of the information as compared to the CEO of the company. With this solution, the problem can be addressed and would only take a few weeks to experience the positive effects to the company.

Proposed Solution For the CEO to have enough time to concentrate to those more delicate aspects of the organization, he should pass some of the planning responsibility to the various units of the company (Jackson). For instance, the problem regarding the marketing strategy of the organization, the CEO could assign the vice president to marketing of the company to deals the said problem since the said person has more knowledge with regards to conducting market analysis and has more experience regarding capturing the tastes of their target customers.

This solution need not to conduct any trainings or could cause much costs to the company since this solution only delegates the tasks that is intended to each units of the organization. This solution would also develop the sense of creativity of the middle and lower level managers since they have to think unique strategy and plans so as to gain large share of market in the industry. This will also help them boost their morale since they will start to feel that they are important in the organization and has a part in attaining their goals and targets in the whole operational process.

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