Employee Training and Career Development Paper

Every organization has the need for trained and educated workers. It is certainly crucial that the workers can preforming every job that is necessary to complete the organizations objectives. The times and industries will alter and if we want our staff members to stay ahead of the game then this is where the importance of training will can be found in. Workers and organizations will slowly fall back in skills and training and it is the obligation of the company to promote training, development and career development.

Abilities and training are important to the success of a company and in this paper the explanation of the function of these things will be explained. The development of staff members has the ability to improve general success of an organization. Training is something that will be ever altering and will be re defined constantly as well as it will be one of the most essential part of a companies technique. Training must be added to by the organization by providing tools that will be required by the employees.

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Training is something that will be used to guide a companies performance, profitability, spirits, and workplace. Training likewise helps a company stay competitive and much better carrying out than other business in their perspective fields. Trainings will also have the capability to construct team relationships and employee moral, creating a more powerful office. In order to establish an organization should alter what a staff member understands, how they work, and even their mindsets towards their tasks, colleagues, manages, and the organization.

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In a method, training focuses on person’s present jobs to help them enhance specific abilities and abilities in order to perform their jobs (DeCenzo & & Robbins, 2007). Advancement techniques vary and need to be used sensibly committee assignments, simulations, task rotations, workshops, assistants, and on the job training. Staff member advancement methods that can be developed while on the job.

However, there are some techniques that can be developed off the job as well (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). Using all of these can reveille different technic about different employees. Revealing different traits about employees can be a very helpful fact to managers. These things will also show the employees what they are capable of and even give them new knowledge, skills, and abilities. This kind of method can provide with a more reliable and comprehensive evaluation of the employee by his supervisor (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). Organizational development is very important to organizations because it will tell the organization how they and their employees function as a team. Organizational development strategies can be used to help employees become more committed and more adaptable, which ultimately improves the organization as a whole (“Organizational Development”, 2012).

Organizational development is what employees will see and how they will react to the organization its self. If your employees feel the trust in the organization then the organization will create loyal and hard working employees that will overall create a more effective work place. Human resource management plays a large part in career development by guiding and helping employees succeed to there fullest. Human resource management is tasked with training and keeping up with all new techniques. Also any time the organization acquires new employees human resources is tasked with educating and training those employees in the goals of the organization. Human resources will also be the ones that will set the requirements for all jobs within the organization.

Human resource management will attempt to keep everything within the company fair and keep setting the bar for promotion keeping the employees interested in their jobs within the organization. Once I have completed my bachelor’s program and earned my degree the plan is to continue my military career and go on to Officer Candidate School. I wish to be able to lead and care for my Marines with the best of my ability. Troop well fair is one of the most important things to me hence why my focus has been on human resources.

Currently in my position I am able to take care of my Marines and am enhancing my career with my education. Employee education and training is very important within any organization and if there needs to be someone to guide employees down the correct path in reaching their own personal goals as well as the goals of the organization. Career development and employee training is are two key parts to any organization and with out one the other will fail and if both are not running at optimum potential then the organization will slowly decline then fail.

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