Employee Training and Career Development Essay

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Employee Training and Career Development

In this Employee Training and Career Development Paper a number of topics will be discussed pertaining to development. Explaining the role of training in an organizations development and describing different employee development methods and its benefits will be reviewed. The paper will address analyzing the relationship between employee and organizational development, as well as, describing the role of human resource management in career development. Resources for this information will come for the eBook; Fundamentals of human resources management text. Included in this paper will also be a reflection on the writers’ personal career development, and where they see themselves in 5 years. Along with it will be the writers’ opinion on how their present and/or future company can assist in their career development and if the company’s career development opportunities are sufficient.

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Employee development is future oriented and concerned with the education of an employee rather than job training. By education, this means enhancing an employee’s ability to understand and interpret knowledge. Employee development focuses on personal growth to aid in the success of preparing for greater responsibility positions, have analytical, human, conceptual and specialized skill. There are three methods of employee development that will be reviewed; job rotation, assistant-to positions, and lecture coursed and seminars. Each of these methods are either on-the-job techniques or off-the-job techniques.

Job Rotation involves moving employees throughout the company to different positions with the intent of expanding skills, knowledge and abilities. This method can be done either horizontally or vertically. Job Rotation is a great method, its benefits such as broadening the employee’s exposure to the organizations operations, increasing experience, reducing boredom, and stimulating new ideas are excellent avenues to have within a company. This also allows management the opportunity to observe the employee for reliability.

The Assistant-To Positions method is when employee’s with potential work under someone with a higher position in other areas of the organization. These employees may be staff assistants or serve on a particular board. Whichever duty it is, it is done under the eye of a supportive coach. Benefits for this method is that the employee will gain a numerous amount of experience in management activities and grooming duties for a higher leveled position.

Lastly the Lecture Course and Seminars method is one many organizations offer either in-house or through outside sources. This method involves traditiona forms of instruction, revolving around lecture courses and seminars. Employees acquire knowledge and develop

DeCenso, D., & Robbins, S. (2007). Fundamentals of human resource management (9th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection.

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