Employee stock option: Final Exam Essay

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Employee stock option: Final Exam

1. How many employees must a company have to be covered under FMLA? __50_______ 2. A company can be inconsistent in their disciplinary actions and procedures if they don’t know any better.

True False

3. Which one of these laws has to do with protection for employees 40 – years and older? ADA

4. Scenario:

I am an employer, and one of my employees goes away to IRAQ on active duty in the Army. While he was gone we downsized. He returns a year later, and his position has been eliminated. I can legally tell him we no longer have a job for him correct? -FALSE-

5. The federal law WARN Act applies to employers with at least 90 – employees.

True False

6. The California law referred to as Mini-WARN applies to employers with at least 50 – employees.

True False

7. An organization is legally required to offer employees medical insurance.

True False

8. Social Security is made up totally of money from employees.

True False

9. An organization shouldn’t show any interest in an employee’s career development.

True False

10. It makes total sense to copy another company’s compensation plan. This is especially if they are in the same industry, and have around the same amount of employees.

True False

11. There is no difference of employment laws in California compared to other states in the US.

True False

12. An organization can pay a minor below minimum wage.

True False

13. A company in California can opt to pay $7.25 the federal minimum wage, as opposed to $8.00the state minimum wage if they can prove it is more cost efficient for them.

True False

14. It is permissible to fire someone in California and pay them the next pay period.

True False

15. It is possible and legal for a male employee to be paid more if he negotiated better, and had a higher wage history.

True False

16. It is legally required to terminate all employees who have been proven to be harassers in the workplace.

True False

17. Which of these might NOT be considered a disability.
Being HIV positive
Partial hearing loss in one ear
A history of chronic back pain
Having the Flu
Being a cancer survivor with no signs of the disease any longer It is fine to offer executives more benefits.

18. Which of these is an example of an Intangible benefit? Annual bonus
A non-managerial employee being involved in making decisions in the organization Employee Stock Options

19. _TRUE___Today’s managers have found that employees do not set aside their cultural values and lifestyle preferences when they come to work. The challenge is to make organizations more accommodating to diverse groups of people by addressing different lifestyles, family needs, and work styles.

20. __TRUE__The part-time, temporary, and contract workers used by organizations to fill peak staffing needs or perform work not done by core employees is called the contingent workforce.

21. _TRUE___Quality management’s objective is to create an organization committed to continuous improvement or one that leads to achieving an effective and lean work force. A well-managed organization according to W. Edward Deming was one in which statistical control reduced variability and resulted in uniform quality and predictable quality of output.

22. ____Work process engineering will generate its benefits only if Human Resource

Management does train its employee population.

23. ___FALSE_ Causes of stress can be grouped into two major categories: motivational and personal

24. TRUE____Technological changes have required HRM to address or change its practices when it deals with such activities as recruiting as recruiting and selecting employees, motivating and paying individuals, training and developing employees, and in legal and ethical matters.

25. ___FALSE_Drug testing in today’s organization is conducted not to eliminate illegal substance at the point of hire, but only to catch those using it in the workplace.

26. __FALSE__Type A behavior is characterized by a procrastinated sense of time urgency, excessively competitive drive, and difficulty accepting and enjoying leisure time.

27. FALSE____The purpose of job analysis is only concerned with the amount of money that is paid to the employee for following their job description.

28._TRUE__A financial protection plan for executives in case they are released from the organization is called a golden parachute.

29._FALSE__Social Security does not provide a source of income for American retirees, disabled workers, and surviving dependents of workers who have died.

30._TRUE__Some stress in organizations is absolutely necessary; without it, workers lack energy.

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