Employee Rights and Discipline Essay

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Employee Rights and Discipline

In the society, the concept of individual rights and personal freedom is viewed to be an important element and part of social structure and perspective. Social institution, organization and the legal opinion give high regard and importance towards this concept as inclined with the desire of promoting democratic opinion towards freedom and equality. Human civilization is founded with the values of independence wherein people enjoy personal freedom free from oppression and commanding power.

Thus, the personal right for freedom is viewed to be an important element in the life of each individual as he or she exists in the society. However, the concept of individual right is often in contrast with the society’s pursuit for organized system within its structure. People desire to have a certain degree of control and power over its organization for the purpose of management for the attainment of their desired accomplishment and success.

For the attainment of social discipline in the social organization, certain individual rights need to be limited for the purpose of management and control for the effective and efficient process of each social institution. For example, in the working environment, personal right for speech and opinion must be limited and restricted for the purpose of management of the said organization. This concept is indeed logical and permissible on this view however, the practice and application of the argument can likely cause critical and complicated questions.

The troubling concern in this argument is the use of the power of restricting the right for free speech in the work environment. If implemented for the ideal reasoning and pursuit of social organization and discipline, limited the free speech is indeed permissible however, abusing this power through utilizing it as a mean of suppressing individual rights for personal benefit is already negative and detrimental.

In addition, in the said scenario, limiting the free speech is permissible on some grounds however, there is still the need to develop a system where employees can still express their opinion, complain, and suggestion to the management on a way that will not negate or contradict their social discipline. The restriction on the individual right is only needed to achieve the ideal obedience and discipline in the work organization and environment necessary for the effective accomplishment of their tasks and processes for their success.

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