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About this essay
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The purpose of this word summary is to be in the place of three employees at Riordan Manufacturing. These three employees have recently taken various self-assessments to help the manager in managing the teams. The summary will discuss the ways in which these three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization and make recommendations for additional assessment.

The three employees who have taken these tests are Antisha McFadden, Marianne Felts, and Edna Scafe. Antisha McFadden has scored 76 in the test “How satisfied and I with my job?” Because her score was below the average she is a very satisfied person when it comes to her job, she is optimistic.

However, she cannot accept critique and she should learn how to be able to accept critique. In the test Felts her score was 66, which says about her that she is a deliberate candidate. These are things that she does with no reason and she should start having a reason for everything she does.

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In the Scafe test, Edna scores 92, which means that she poses a higher emotional intelligence.

She should learn how o be less subjective when evaluating. Marianne Felts has taken the same tests, as Antisha and her results were different. In the first test she scored 76 which means that she is an average satisfied person when it comes to her job, while in the second test she scored 66 telling us that she has a higher emotional intelligence. The recommendation for Antisha is to increase the level of concentration when working so that everything is perfectly done.

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The third employee interviewed is Edna Scafe, who takes the same tests as the first two employees and her scores are different. In the first test, Edna scores only 92 meaning that she is not satisfied with her jobs, while in the second her score is 22 meaning that she has a more blended style of decision making. The third test shows a score of 28 meaning that she is a person with normal levels of emotional intelligence. The recommendations for Edna are to reduce the time when deciding and not to reduce the quality or effectiveness of the decision taken.

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