Employee Involvement in Decision Making

Employee involvement is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Employee involvement is not the goal nor is it a tool, as practiced in many company. Employee involvement is a management and leadership style about how people are enabled to contribute to continuous improvement and the ongoing success of their work in the company. Employee involvement in decision making is very important since it enhances the success of any business. There are three types of decision;

Strategic decision; these are basic, long term decision which settle the organizations relationship with its environment, notably in terms of its product or services and its markets Operation decisions; These are the short term decision s which settle issues such as output level, pricing and inventory levels Administration decisions: These decisions arise from, and are subject to, the conflicting demands of strategic and operational.

Employee can be involved in decision making in many way. This can include the following

Working in groups or Teams: To raise employee awareness of opportunities to save energy and contribute to a healthy work environment, form a green team at work.

While debate exists about recycling and other aspects of environmentalism, a team is motivational for employees who want to make a difference in their work environment. Effective change management helps change succeed. The role of employee involvement in change management is explored by employees are given a chance to work in various department so that the meet other staff.

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Harness employee suggestion programs: pitfalls of an ill-conceived employee suggestion program are multiple, legendary and most frequently – avoidable. A carefully constructed suggestion program, launched with organizational commitment. Give employees a chance: this means giving employee a chance to say new way of operation and considering their new ideas, this will bring better ideas hence involving them for decision making.


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