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Employee Involvement And Decision Making

For the case 1 “the sugar substitute research decision”, I will choose high involvement, which is let the subordinates to discuss the problems and identify a solution. So the entire decision-making process is handed over to employees, identify the problems, choose the best alternative and implement their choice. For the second case “coast guard cutter decision problem”, I will choose the low involvement, which is ask one or more subordinates foe information relating to the problem, but you don’t ask for their recommendations and might not mention the problem to them.

So they don’t make recommendations and only participation involves is asking employees for information.

Discussion Question 2

The first factor led me to choose high involvement is the decision structure; this problem is not programmed decision but a little bit complexity and more opportunity. This product need to take some source away from other projects in order to required some time and resources before it would be commercially stage. Second, source of decision knowledge could show that the leader lack sufficient knowledge and subordinates have addition information to improve decision quality.

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I don’t know much about demand is expected and the sugar substitute project beyond my technical expertise. However, the R&D lab researchers are familiar with that field of chemistry. Third, the decision commitment is trended to improve if high level of involvement to her decision. If the employees are unlikely to accept a decision made without their involvement, some level of involvement should be used. For this case, the company R&D budget is limited and other scientist in my group has recently complained that they require more resources and financial support to get their projects completed.

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So the employees’ complaints make me chose high involvement.

Also, the employees ‘committed make me believe that they have promise to ensure the company’s interest are achieved so that I should give them more involvement to ensure the project could be finished without conflict. For the second case, the first factor led me to choose low involvement is that this is likely programmd decisions which are follow standard operating procedures and they have been resolved in past. So there is little needs for high involvement that may waste of time under this necessary and risk situation. Second, the leader has much knowledge to solve this problem which may occur in the past, and as the captain, I totally understand the mission and the goal for the mission. So that may need less recommendation from other employees who lack of experiences and abilities.

However, the low involvement not no involvement, so I received an update weather advisory concerning the severity and duration of the storm, which is important to making decision. Moreover, the decision must be made shortly by facing a lot of risks. So if take long time to make high involvement may lead to unnecessary dangers. Third, the factor of risk of conflict is depend on the situation between the employee goals and norms conflict with the organization’s goals, and this would be take low involvement. Also, if there is low conflict that the employees will reach agreement on the preferred solution, then take low involvement. For this case, my crew members are extremely conscientious about their responsibility, so I don’t need to take additional time to take high involvement under this low conflict with the preferred solutions.

Discussion Question 3

To the first case, if take low involvement may take longer time to solve this problem due to the fact that the leader has less knowledge about this technology of projects. Less involvement will not help to improve the number and quality of solutions generated. This case is complex so that need to prepare several alternatives with more available information which the employees who has more knowledge are good to support. Also, with the diverse perspectives and boarder representation of value may help to improve the likelihood of choosing the best alter nativities. Besides, these projects are group work in this organization, providing more involvement is good to make staff fell personally responsible for its success. However, the low involvement may lead to lower turnover, motivation and satisfaction.

Moreover, if the leader uses low involvement, there is many more compliant and most likely to resist changes resulting from the decision by leader alone. To the second case, the higher involvement was taken, the higher risk could occur during the decision making. The reason is that the research has been doing for 20 hours and the weather are more likely to affect the lives in the vessel. So taking time longer to do involvement are defiantly dangers. Also, the captain must be the one who has valuable experiences and ability to make the most perfect decision. So taking long time to doing high involvement could make the whole team lost of control.

After all, everybody has different attitude and value that may have conflicts with the mission and the whole organization when they face the risk situation. Furthermore, too low involvement or no involvement may also make wrong decision, so the necessary information from weather advisory concerning are useful for helping the captain decrease the mistake when making the decision in the short time.

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Employee Involvement And Decision Making

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