Employee Information System Essay

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Employee Information System


7:40-8:40-Opening Program and Orientation| Computer Room| Richard E.Davide –Editor in Chief| | | THE TIDING’S|
8:40-9:40-Newswriting-Lecture| Computer Room| Mrs. Genna V.Polinar-School Paper Adviser| 9:40-9:50-Snacks| Computer Room| |
9:50-10:50-Workshop| Computer Room| |
10:50-11:50-Feature Writing-Lecture| Computer Room| Mrs.Genna V. Polinar-School Paper Adviser| 11:50-12:00-Tips of Writing Feature Articles| Computer Room| Richard E. Davide-Editor in ChiefFeature Writer| | LUNCH| |

12:30-1:30-Workshop| Computer Room| |
1:30-2:30-Editorial Writing-Lecture| Computer Room| Mrs. Genna V. Polinar-School Paper Adviser| 2:30-3:30-Workshop| Computer Room| |
3:30-3:40-Snacks| | |
3:40-4:40-Sports Writing-Lecture| Computer Room| Mrs. Genna V. Polinar-School Paper Adviser| 4:40-5:30-Workshop| Computer Room| |
5:30-6:30-Review of English Grammar and Correct Usage| Computer Room| Mrs. Lorena P. Malbacias-English Teacher|

July 14, 2013
7:30-8:30-Copy reading and headline Writing-Lecture| Computer Room| Mrs. Genna V. Polinar- School Paper Adviser| 8:30-9:00-Tips on how to Copy read| Computer Room| Adrian L. Melana-Copyreader| 9:00-9:10-Snacks| | |

9:10-10:10-Workshop| | |
10:10-11:10-Photojourn -Lecture| | Mrs.Genna V. Polinar –School Paper Adviser| 11:10-11:40-Workshop| | |
| LUNCH| |
1:00-2:00-Editorial Cartooning-Lecture| Computer Room| Mrs.Genna V. Polinar –School Paper Adviser| 2:00-3:00-Workshop| Computer Room| |
3:00-3:10-Snacks| Computer Room| |
3:10-4:10-Lay outing of the school paper using Adobe / Portable Document Format-Lecture| Computer Room| Mr. Reagan V. DavidICT Teacher| 4:10-5:40-Workshop| Computer Room| |
5:40-6:00- Closing Program| Computer Room| Dianalou Jazon| |

Prepared by:

Genna V. Polinar
School Paper Adviser

Noted by:

Edeliza F. Seguiz
Principal I

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