Employee Engagement

Designed to ensure that the employees maintain their royalty towards the organization, and commits towards the objectives of the enterprise to ascertain the success of the company and at the same time works towards achieving a sense of well being, employee engagement is all about creation of the conditions in which employee ensure to deliver the best of their capability and potential. The behavior that are focused through employee engagement:

Inspire employees to higher levels of effort: Only the engaged organizations will have the strong and genuine values along with clear proof of trust and fairness which is completely based on the mutual respect and two way promises and commitments.

This ensures fulfillment of the objectives. The first is the ‘participation’ that instills the traditional HR values including the communication between the staff and the managers across departments in the organization. This includes the training, identification, feedback on the performance, career planning and developing own skill sets. Energize employees to achieve exceptional results: The leaders of the organization must express that they value their employees.

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Employee related activities like the profit sharing and implementing a work life balance helps in energizing the employees that helps them perform to the optimal levels. De-motivated employees fail to perform and fulfill the objectives of the company. Create an atmosphere of continual improvement: Progress is dependent on various factors and of them, the work atmosphere is one of the most important. If it is not conducive to the work process, the employee will fail to deliver optimal results.

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Get employees to stretch for goals that go beyond what they originally thought possible: It is important that employees are constantly motivated and only with that will they be able to go beyond what was originally thought to be achievable. The meaning of employee engagement: The first person to define the term is William Kahn who told that engagement involves harnessing of the employee to designated work roles in the company. Other than this, there was a definition by Schimdt who resolved employee engagement as the involvement, commitment and satisfaction with the designated work. There is no proper definition to the term. Employee engagement and manager behavior

Depending on the employee and the organization, there are differences in the attitude, behavior and outcomes. This also affects the overall outcome. Even if the employee feels proud and loyal, it is very important to maintain a dynamic role in the enterprise. According to this, the accidents are lowered and there are lesser conflicts, higher productivity and reduced sickness. Engagement occurs in two ways, organizations must work to engage with the employee, who also in turn reinforces the other. With this, the employee feels satisfied leading to higher organizational commitment, job satisfaction and feelings of empowerment. In spite of all this, there is a debate about the precise meaning of the employee engagement but what is understood, is that it is achievable, measurable, correlated with performance, and it varies from poor to great.



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