Emotionism religion Essay

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Emotionism religion

I call my invented religion Emotionism. My religion will be based mainly on the belief that emotions are a manifestation of one’s faith. It will have the historical drama that is found in Roman Catholicism in that it will deliver faith by rooting this in accounts of people in the past who have been in contact with the founder of the faith. These accounts will be the foundation of my religion because they will fortify the faith by validating the love and compassion that one Jesus Christ had for His people.

However, it will have none of the ritualistic practices of Catholicism because all these make it difficult to worship using the heart; instead, they focus on worship with the mind and the body. In the manner of adoration and worship, my religion will follow the ways of Buddhism and will focus on meditation and contemplation. Emotionism will seek to establish the beauty of worship using states of the mind and the heart. It will encourage journeys into one’s consciousness and discoveries into one’s self; and so, like Buddhism, will value man’s intelligence and encourage it to flourish.

Emotionism, like Buddhism, will base its practices on the philosophies of transcendentalism so that each Emotionist will seek to rise beyond one’s current level. Emotionists will encourage links between the heart and the elements, between the mind and nature, and the spirit and the universe. My invented religion will promote harmony instead of division, which, although addressed by Catholicism through ecumenism, still exists among the many Christian sects. Emotionism will recognize the universality of things like Hinduism does.

It will also adapt the religious passion of Hindus who believe that emotions are a potent force in altering one’s state of being. One other aspect of Hinduism that Emotionism will take into its folds is seeing beyond the physical self and recognizing the connection one human has with another in terms of the spirit – that each spirit comes from a single source and that all spirits are linked together by one common thread. Emotionism will also promote religious zeal the way Muslims do.

The religious fervor and faithfulness of Muslims transcend barriers of time and space. Muslims live their faith and this is the kind of quality that I would like Emotionism to have. Emotionists will seek to defend themselves the way they defend their faith and vice versa, something Muslims are known for. Emotionism will therefore have the historical foundations of Catholicism, the adoration methods and philosophical precepts of Buddhism, the passion and recognition for emotions of Hinduism and the religious fervor of Islam.

These elements of the various religions that I would like to combine would make for an almost perfect religion so that all the undesirable elements of each religion are discarded and only the desirable aspects adapted. While it is perhaps impossible that such a religion could exist, it is an exercise in intellect to know that religion can in fact be a conglomeration of beliefs and elements emanating from various other, more ancient practices and cultures.

I envision my religion to be all encompassing so that no rules and laws determine who can join my religion. The most important aspect of my religion is the fact that it will attempt to unite all those divided by the eccentricities of religion, especially Christians and Muslims. It will seek to propagate understanding and the reality that even with different religions, all the peoples of the world actually just subscribe to a singular concept, and that is the concept of love and compassion.

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